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Frenchman peak in Cape le Grand National Park

In a very large area, Western Australia is known for this wide beaches, beautiful and isolated, and for his city Perth, in perpetual movement and Fremantle agglomeration both  are at odds with the desert areas of the Outback. In the north of the Kimberley plains,to Geraldton, are located many national parks and aboriginal ancestral lands where waterfalls and gorges coexist for the greatest pleasure of eyes. The southwestern tip, where European settlers have moved there already several centuries, offers a green landscape, woodlandand a gastronomy and wine to delight your taste. Western Australia also includes over 300 kilometers of reef, the world's largest monolith, 96 national parks, 125 thousand kilometers of coastline, as much kilometers of bush and beaches without end. For an unusual experience, let's try the West Coast!


Here our top 10:

Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island

TOP 1 : Rotnesst Island

Rottnest Island, mythical place located a few kilometers from the capital of Western Australia is a small island of 425 inhabitants majority living on the northeast quarter. Without traffic, it is nice to travel the island by bike. Cycle tracks lead to various landscapes, gently rolling, small pieces of beaches to spend the day. Popular in November by students from Perth to celebrate their graduation, it nevertheless keep everything its charm and quiet the rest of the year to the  happiness of families, couples and friends who like to come to rest. Along the wild coast with the sea breese, you will certainly come across quokkas which are small marsupials from Rottnest. The West End, at the other end of the island, offers a very different and amazing scenery with its cliffs hit by the ocean. Sometimes whales and seals come to play near the coast and offer an exceptional and rare spectacle. This island Rotto, as it is nicknamed, is rich in marine life ideal for snorkeling. To finish  the day before catching the ferry, we advise you diving into the natural pool of Thomas Bay.


TOP 2  : Perth and Fremantle

Perth, trendy and modern capital of Western Australia, has 1.8 million inhabitants. Located in the southwest of the state, near the coast, the atmosphere remains peaceful and pleasant. The Swan River that meanders between the skyscrapers and the rich suburbs blend into the décor of the capital. The King Park and its giant 400 hectare garden located on the hills of the city offers a surprising view of downtown and of the river. King Street, Murray Street or London Court are among the many shopping streets of Perth.  Late  in the afternoon, bars and restaurants fill up gradually in the streets of Williams Street and some roofs top of Perth where locals and tourists come together to enjoy a drink in the freshness of the night. Crossing the Swan Rivers, on the other side of the capital, is Fremantle, agglomeration and cultural center of Perth. It is known for its seaport located near Rottnest Island and its quays lined with bars and other surprising gourmet restaurants that delight tourists and locals. This town of 28,000 inhabitants has a unique architectural richness of its kind, brimming with art galleries and historic museums. The old Fremantle Prison, recognized by UNESCO, is located near the center. It offers exciting route to its deepest galleries. Chic and trendy Fremantle is very well integrated into the capital of Western Australia.



Coral Bay

TOP 3  : Ningaloo National Park

Ningaloo Marine Park is the little Barrier Reef from the West Coast that extends over 300 km long from Red Bluff to the peninsula of Exmouth. Less frequented by tourists than its big sister in the East, it continues to grow up each year and is very easy to access with a proximity time of less than 100 meters from the coast sometime. Rich in marine life, reef sharks, manta rays, whale sharks, dugongs, humpback whales, and as well as 500 species of fish offer a true water festival! There is also a show of the most magical during November to March, the laying and hatching of many turtle species. In the center of the national park is the village of Coral Bay, the azure waters love to cuddle. You will discover the corals like a tulip and over 200 other types in all the park. And for those who do not want to swim, beautiful beaches await you along the coast, with a preference for the white sands of Coral Bay! As for the other take your masks and snorkels with you dear travelers !


TOP 4  : Karijini National Park

Karijini, located inland of Western Australia, is known to be one of the largest national parks of the state. It offers an original landscape, mixing gorges, waterfalls and mountains, all in a palette of orange, red, yellow and blue. His earthy roads will lead you to places of all beauties. At the entrance of the park out of the depths of the earth, Dales Gorge with its two stunning pools at each end that can be reached by the river and where the fauna and flora are rich in diversity. Other gorges shape the site such Hancock, Knox, Weano, quiet Kalamina and the dangerous Joffre. By climbing some rocks Hamersley Gorge, located northwest of the park, you will discover the intensity of blue and orange colors offered by the rock. Be guided by its waterfall flowing into a small pond where the turquoise water continues its way through a river to finally being deposed in a huge natural pool. We advise you to provide enough water to go through this huge park.

Hamersley Goerges

Eagle Bay

TOP 5 : Cape Naturaliste and Margaret River

A few kilometers west of Dunsborough, is located the beautiful coastline of Cape Naturaliste that mixes charming creeks and fine sand beaches that skims the ocean and where everyone finds happiness. You walk along the Cape Naturaliste Road, the beautiful creeks of Eagle Bay, Bunker Bay and Meelup before reaching the high lighthouse built in 1902. Going down to the south, in the countryside of Margaret River, in the shade of large trees, is one of the finest wine regions of the country. High place of the Western Australia gastronomy, take a walk  between the vineyards, the beaches with large rollers facing the Indian Ocean and its delicious local craft beers, cheese, honey production and chocolate for gourmands. The extreme south-west of Western Australia, located less than three hours from Perth, welcomes you between relaxation and gastronomy where the word "pleasure" makes perfect sense!





TOP 6 : Kalbarri

Move away from the North West Coastal Highway to rejoin the ocean and take a break in Kalbarri, charming town of 2,000 inhabitants where roads are lined with carpet of wild flowers as kangaroos like to frequent. Bordered by the Murchisson River, fishermen, surfers, snorkelers or hikers, all find their happiness. Kalbarri is also a National Park divided into two parts. One, located along the coast, offers a series of remarkable views of the gigantic cliffs, especially at sunset. The second part of the park is home to many gorges and a rich flora in the months from July to November. Its footpaths reserve many surprises such as the Z-Bend gives a viewpoint overlooking the gorge and cliffs of Kalbarri. Nature's Window is one of the most famous sites of the park with its beautiful arch carved into the rock. Be guided by the paths of Kalbarri, is to provide a moment of escape.

Nature's Window

Esperance Beach

Esperance Beach

TOP 7 : Esperance and Around

 Esperance and Cape Le Grand National Park attract many Kalgoorlie and Perth townsmen, which are sometimes more than 500 km to enjoy a weekend on the surprising and beautiful coastline.

Esperance is a city where are located, near some of the most beautiful beaches in Australia. Idyllic beaches with fine sand, light, turquoise waters that caress in will delight many. The atmosphere invites to letting go, the communion between being and nature, the well-being as far away from everything, to dream. In the same vein, the beaches of Cape Le Grand National Park, located about 60 km east of Esperance, offers pristine white sand beaches and remarkable views of these beauty endless stretches. The climate is both raw, windy, calm and peaceful. Among the most beautiful beaches of the park include Lucky Bay, which stands out for its pure white sand as kangaroos love to tread between 4x4. With its success remains very popular with tourists. There is also "Grand Beach" on sand dune, where Australian fishermen relax with a good cold beer. Hellfire is more intimate with its long bay slightly sloping indulging in a blue sea rainbow sky. In the National Park do not miss Frenchman Peak, where after a steep climb of the mountain, you will reach a huge cave-like "eye" over which you have a spectacular view over the entire coastline of the National Park. Close to Esperance and the Cape Le Grand National Park, the Archipelago Research is an archipelago composed of 105 beautiful islands on which live many animal species such as fur seals and penguins. On the side of Albany and Denmark, West Cape Howe National Park offers beautiful creeks while the Walpole-Nornalup National Park contains the largest trees of Western Australia



TOP 8  : Pinnacles

Between Geraldton and Perth are situated the mysterious Pinnacles of Nambung National Park. The shadow and the light give this desert scenery, animated by thousands of limestone sculptures erected in the sand dunes, a unique landscape, magical, intriguing. The narrow paths of the park lead to an absolutely remarkable view mixing white sand dunes, vegetation and ocean giving the feeling of a world where each element is isolated.


Swimming  pool

TOP 9 : Argyle Lake

 The Argyle Lake is a large artificial lake, quiet and mysterious, located in the middle of nowhere, led by desert islands and cliffs with red ocher plunging into the deep blue waters. A place where time seems to have stopped centuries ago of that, still telling her Aboriginal legend. Yet this lake is young, it was formed by the barrage of Old River in 1972. It identifies many crocodiles, some species of marsupials isolated and migratory birds. It contains 18 times the water volume of Sydney Harbour, enough to irrigate all year round, the land and the town of Kununurra which is 30 kilometers from nearby. In the village of Lake Argyle, an infinity pool from the campsite, offers stunning views of the lake. This place located at the entrance of Kimberley plains is both peaceful and scary to see magic. It invites to contemplate the last rays of daylight from extinction in this beauty horizon. 


TOP 10 : Broome and the Kimberley

Located north of Western Australia, Broome is a beautiful city on the West Coast famous on the world for its pearl farming. It has about 16,000 inhabitants and offers many places to discover and extended as the Japanese cemetery, Mangroves and mudflats. Each month at nightfall, there is the "Staircase to the Moon" near Town Beach, which is the moonrise projecting its reflection on the ocean, what a pleasant evening. A little out of the city center, facing the Indian Ocean, is located Cable Beach, a beautiful Australian beach where white sand and turquoise waters stretch to the horizon. Near Broome, Dampier Peninsula is the starting point for Kimberley accessible by plane, boat and 4x4. "Horizontal Waterfalls"  is a unique phenomenon that is part of the great attractions of the region. To discover !

Gantheaume Point



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