Twelve apostles

The small state of Victoria, stuck on the South East point of Australia , between New South Wales in the north and South Australia on the west border is a real jewel. Known worldwide with Melbourne, Australian second city that we can not stop to admire, and the Great Ocean Road , equally famous making its way westward across a landscape of wild creek to dramatic cliffs and beach beaten by the ocean. On the eastside of Melbourne is located some of the most beautiful National Park of Australia such as Wilson Promontory National Park between extended Bush, mountains and white sandy beaches or Croajingolong National Park as isolated as fascinating. Come into the Land visit the High Country, invitation to hiking and Skiing. Losing yourself in the High country where you will come cross the road of the pioneer cities and villages of Australia along the Murray River. A real back-time in the history! And not forgetting Grampians National Park, real masterpiece of nature just at few hours drive from Melbourne. Victoria is still one of the destinations of choice with thousand charms, where everyone can find is happiness, depending on your preference of the moment!


Here our top 10 :

Twelve Apostles 

Loch ard Gorge

TOP 1 : Great Ocean Road

This coastal road is one of the finest and famous road in Australia, dreamy scenery and charming little coastal towns worth visiting! Between world-class surfing beaches and sharp cliffs as mythical as the 12 apostles, and nature also fabulous than impressive. The Great Ocean Road is worthy of its reputation! Between Torquay, undisputed  and undeniable capital of surf, or many famous brands worldwide been created. There is also the iconic Bells Beach, which is on the road to Anglesea and which every year take place at Easter the Rip Curl Pro! Anglasea is for itself a nice little coastal town. Then go to Lorne and seaside town with this idyllic natural setting facing the ocean. On the road between Lorne and Cape Otway you will see many koalas hidden behind the small villages and beautiful coves beaten by the waves of the ocean. At Apollo Bay between green wooded hill sandy beach you will discover a charming fishing village a few kilometers from Cape Otway. This last one is for this part wild and dangerous , with its lighthouse (the oldest of Australia) really too expensive, almost an abuse when you know the price to go up on the Eiffel Tower or the top of the Statue of Liberty! On the way to Port Campbell landscape becomes flatter and enters into the plains and valleys of fertile land and sheep fields. Arrive at Port Campbell National Park section the most photographed of the Great Ocean Road including the majestic 12 Apostles with its high cliffs of 70 meters overlooking the ocean. This hitting for centuries these limestone walls, pruning, cutting them, severing and fractioning them into different solitary rocky ramparts, bravely advancing into the vastness of the ocean due to erosion. Sunset is one of the most beautiful in the state. Do not imagine you to be alone in this place to contemplate this natural spectacle! For dizziness, go down to the Gibson Steps to reach at the foot of these giants and the Gibson Beach. Not far west from the 12  Apostles is Loch Ard Gorge surrounded by legends and sinking is still a charming place with this cliffs and this hidden beaches. Several other rock formations are located after Port Campbell as the "Arch" or "London Bridge" crashing down since 1990. And to conclude this splendid Great Ocean Road is the Bay of Island with these rocky islands along the wild and windy coast. Emblematic Australian road where passing through to this part of Victoria is almost an obligation for every world traveler.

TOP 2  : Melbourne

Melbourne, the second largest city in Australia with over 4 million people is a most artistic and cultural heart of the country known around the world. Bordered by the peaceful Yarra River, its city center is a tissue of streets and driveway ideal for exploring the street'art famous in the world, painted on the facades of the city, offering you some strangest drawings to the most unbelievable designs. Take the old Melbourne arcades crossing store cafes and small shops. Do not be surprised to hear some music notes resoning at the corner of his streets giving a relaxed atmosphere.
By late afternoon, take time to walk around the edges of the Yarra river to sip a couple of Victorian artisanal beers and admiring this long river at the foot of the high towers of the city. Melbourne doesn't disregard to its nightlife, in the middle of these ultra modern buildings, there are various restaurants and bars of the hippest to the most authentic, to enjoy food and drink from around the world and it's many clubs very trendy. Very festive, the Melbourne citizens know how to do , all the year round discover the many festivals located in the metropolitan area with the Midsummer Festival, Sunstainable Festivals, the Moona and still plenty of others! 
Some neighborhoods need to be noted as Southbank known for its international art, Carlton for its green neighborhoods in big booms or even St Kilda dreamed place to diverge from the interference of the city. People come here for this vast waterfront where you will see people enjoy walking, running, cycling or skating to watch the sunset. Leaving a festive atmosphere, St Kilda is full of bars and restaurants full during weekends. 
Taken very seriously, sport is a culture not to set aside. Birthplace of Australian Rules Football every year we welcome there several sporting events including the Australian Open Tennis, Formula 1 or the Melbourne Cup for sailing. These stadiums, these sportgrounds, these tracks are considered among the best on Earth! Elected as one of the most liveable cities, Melbourne wonderful as it was formerly called, continues to grow over the years due to its many attractions, it will seduce you with all this cultural diversity and its Australian atmosphere.


Street Art

Melboune by night 

Pinnacles Lookout 

Boroka Lookout

TOP 3  : Grampians National Park

In the western part of Victoria placed in the vast covered region of agricultural land, stands the amazing Grampians . After passing the town of Dunkeld located south of the park, take it corrugated road to reach Mount William highest peak of the Grampians (1167m), easily accessible by an asphalted path, this lookout of 360 °   gives an amazing view of this mountainous wave wonder. Arriving in the small town of Halls Gap, starting point of lot of walks, begin the inevitable Wonderland range, a hike of 4 to 5 hours leading to Pinnacles Lookout, it will make you pass by Venus Bath, a wonderful succession of small basin of clear water, it continues with his narrow canyon where you will be in the middle of these awesome orange walls. Continue to climb these rocks to get to this vertiginious point where is leaving a breathtaking view on of the most spectacular where we can perceive of this mountainous formation, its Belfield lake and the endless plains of Victoria. Finish the walk by the scenic path coming down its green mountains. Since Halls Gap, a road through the National Park towards Horshman, you will pass through the remarkable views of the Alpine scenery of the National Park, such as the Reed Lookout or even  Boroka Lookout, stop also to Mckenzie falls, or a majestic waterfall hidden and extended by this river before returning to the desert areas of the state.

Planning minimum two days to explore all the most admirable the sublime Grampians National Park.

TOP 4  : Wilsons promontory National Park

This small strip of land located in the southern of the state of Victoria is acknowledged to be one of the most appreciated Australian national parks. On an almost unreal beauty among granite mountains, rainforests, and long beaches with dunes, "prom" as it is called, is the perfect place for camping and hiking, leaving one of the most exceptional experience. With over 80 km of trails, such as those of Great Prom or Sealers Cove walk two long walk longer than two days offer some remarkable views and incredible isolated beaches with sand of rare finesse. During one week-end, walk to the summit of Mt Oberon (558 m), easily accessible by asphalted road , providing one of the most spectacular views across the National Park. Or enjoy this succession of beautiful beaches as Whisky Bay, Picnic Bay, Norman Bay, or Oberon Bay will give you the urge to stroll on its vast expanses of quartz sand. You can also choose to stay in campgrounds across the park and get up close its incredible array of native plants, birds and animals or swim with the marine life in its clear and protected waters. Wilson Promontory is the southernmost point of the continental Australia , so expect good weather condition before undertaking this avanture in its bush with over 50,000 square kilometers, to discover its most diverse and breathtaking landscapes that nature offer to you.

view from Mount Oberon

The Horne

TOP 5 : Buffalo National Park

One of the pleasant surprises of the state and a jewel of the High Country at few kilometers from Bright. This small ski resort is easily accessible. Winter, Australians come here to cross-country skiing and sledging in family. In summer the Mount Buffalo National Park turns into a paradise for hikers. But you can also go cycling, climbing and canoeing and you can see some hang gliding. National Park since 1898 Mount Buffalo has for top "The Horne" (1723m) which is very easy to reach by car , offers an incredible and fantastic 360 degree views of the High Country! You will see many granite outcrop and several views on your way. You can do "the Big Walk" to climb this collose but that takes minimum 5h / 11km. A wonderful breathtaking view is located in front of the Mt Buffalo Chalet. You can see three remarkable waterfalls (Eurobin falls) few meters from the start of the climb to the summit by road. Mount Buffalo National Park, this small by its size and big by its charm, and for all of that, it one of the main places of the High Country!



TOP 6 : Croajingolong National Park

Spanning 100km of the Victorian Coastline, Croajingalong offers secluded coastal camping spots for beach walk, birdwatching, boating, and fishing. Relax on a boat on Mallacoota inlet, clim Genoa Peak for panoramic views along the coast or visist the massive sand dunes at Thurra River. For the ultimate stroll, try the100km Wilderness Coast Walk from Mallacoota to Marlo ( A Permit is required for this from Parks Victoria.) Point Hicks Light Station, set deep within the park in a historical Reserve, is an imposible concrete tower completed in 1890. While Gabo Island Light Station, buily of distinctive pink granite, can be reached by air or sea. Both offer tour and accomodation. There is 4 main camping grounds at Thurra River, Mueller Inlet, Wingan Inlet and Shipwreck Creek with facilities available, however bookings are required and fees apply.

 Genoa Peak

Yarra Valley

TOP 7 : Yarra valley

Browse the roads of the Yarra valley to discover more than 80 wineries, going from small family farms to large estates. Renowned for producing the finest pinot noir from Australia and excellent sparkling wine, it was the first wine region located in Victoria in 1838. Follow Black Spur road by car to the charming village of Marysville to enjoy nature in the National Parks of Yarra RangesToolangi State Forest or Kinglake. Healesville, main city of the Yarra Valley is a pretty little town where you can fill your basket picnic in the many markets offering excellent fresh products, including freshwater fish, fruit and vegetables, handmade cheeses and for the epicure, amazing chocolate. Yarra Valley is also a long culture of beer making, developed by local artisans welcomes you in their microbreweries to taste their beers and ciders.
With friends or family, enjoy the delights of this wine region the time of a sunny weekend.


TOP 8  : Alpine National Park

Few hours from Melbourne in the High Country, this National Park dispatches in several areas and has many ski resorts such as Falls Creek or Mt Hotham. To do this, take the Great Alpine Road which is 308km long and whose section from Bright to Omeo is the highest road of Australia open all year! And the Omeo Highway, which stretches over 300km and passes through gorgeous and varied landscapes! Itinerary that we recommend is a loop that starts from Omeo and passing by Dinner Plain , Mt Hotman, Bright, Mt Beauty and Falls Creek before returning to Omeo (you start from Bright as well). This route will take you closer to the mountain and will give you some beautiful views of the highlands. For all the winter sports fans, Falls Creek which is a chic and trendy resort and Mt Hotham that definitely the most difficult ski domain of the state. They are the two most famous resorts in the Park. The small resort of Dinner plain offering innumerable trekking . Spring and in summer the favourite attraction are mountain biking and hiking ! Mt Feathertop (1922m) is the most appreciated summit by hikers ! In the town of Omeo,  It used to be one of the hardest accecibly town of Victoria not so long time ago, is found perched between Gippsland and the Alpine National Park and is very sympathetic. At the opposite, Bright, colorful and vibrant remains the gateway of the National Park and of the ski resorts of Mt Buffalo NP. It offers many activities such as canoeing, bushwalking or fishing! Alpine National Park remains the largest Australian playground for mountain lovers!

Alpine National Park

Alpine National Park

Phillip  Island  Nature Park 

TOP 9 : Phillip Island

This small island located less than 150 km from the heart of Melbourne, accessible by the bridge of San Remo, is very popular amongst Australian families and by many foreign tourists. They come for its pleasant natural environment and for its sporting events. People come particularly for pygmy penguins , true star of the local wildlife Kingdom, where you find them in the Phillip Island Nature Park where every evening, these little aquatic birds emerge from the sea to regain their land caves, a real parade still very touristy and very expensive for this show. Penguins are not the only marine animals come to rest on the western end of the island, we can find also some seal colony stroll at the Seal Rocks or at the rocks of Woolowai. They are also some marsupials such as koalas, possums and wallabies hiding in the land of the island. Beyond its wildlife, the island offers several walks along the shredded and windy coast of Cape Woolamai bordered by fabulous ocean beaches, offering stunning panoramic views in the rocky promontory in the south of the island. In winter occupied by more than 7,000 inhabitants, the island is a place to relax and escape amongst the Bohemian atmosphere and feel like a local. The coast offers irresistible waves in the eyes of surfers. It is also known for its annual motorcycle Grand Prix real touristic and attraction of the island. With all this attractions, Phillip Island still keeps a sweet wilderness parfum.



TOP 10 : Snowy River National Park

Mythical place straight out of the imagination of Australians occupying a good portion of western Victoria Country between Alpine and Prince Hwy. This secluded park is connected to the north by Mackillops Rd partially unsealed which allows for a beautiful loop through the National Park and passing by Orbost and Buchan. One of the most remote park of Victoria which is crisscrossed by deep gorges carved into the limestone and by the Snowy River between Snowy Mountains in New South Wales and its outfalls at Marlo. In the western part of the park, do not miss the splendid views overlooking Little River Falls or on the Little River Gorge which is the deepest gorge of Victoria. Continuing the road you will pass over the McKillops Bridge, which is a pretty primary bridge spanning the Snowy River and provides access to Errinunda National Park. From there, the road start to be more difficult with some hardest passages at few centimeter of the vacuum and where you cross another car its almost becomes a mountain side game! Stop yourself in this symbolic place, fabulous and iconic, land of the first cowboys of Australia.

Snowy River 

Bonus :


Mornington Peninsula

Favourite Relaxing place of people from Melbourne citizen, located between the bays of Port Phillip and Western Port. Renowned for its terroir due to its many organic orchards, where you could buy some fruits and vegetables next to the road. You can as well stroll among olive groves with some beautiful ocean views and picnic in one of the many public gardens. After your gourmet trip, discover its more than 200 vineyards spread over the hills of Mornington near Red Hill, Merricks, Balnarring, Moorooduc, Shoreham and Main Ridge or Pinot noir and chardonnay are the varieties of brands in the region. For golf lovers, there is one of the best golf course of Australia. For his natural environment, we also come here for its peaceful beaches located on the side of Phillip Bay, where you can find all along the peninsula with some small colorful hut. At the end of the peninsula hiding the Mornington National Park, which offers great hiking along the coast and wild beaches, framed of leaving great cliffs. Do not miss the small villages of Sorrento and Portsea. Two charming stone villages that leave an atmosphere of well-being and relaxation. Mornington Peninsula is the ideal resort for residents of the capital by its gastronomy, its many land and water attractions, this small peninsula will seduce and capture the senses of all.


On the border of New South Walles, bordered by the Murray River, Echuca with more than 12,000 residents was founded in 1853, it quickly became one of the most famous ports, with paddle boats carrying supplies all along the river flowing in the Australian land. Today, city thriving tourist with its river and by its historic harbour, star attraction of Echuca dock where every day famous original paddle steamers operating on the river. There is also its esplanade, wide pedestrian street where many historic buildings follow each other and where there are several bars and restaurants and antique shops, a real journey in the past time. Authentic city of Victoria, Echuca has kept its heritage, leaving a nostalgic mood, captivated by its warm climate and its location along the Murray river, makes it a popular tourist destination for Australia's visitors. 

Paddle Boat 



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