Freycinet National Park

Tasmania is an island state located off the coast of Victoria.  As beautiful as varied, come to discover "the Island state" from the airports of Launceston or Hobart, and as well by the ferry from Melbourne to Devenport. "Tassie" is one preserved island with this 19 national parks representing 1.4 million hectares, and 21% of the area of the island! Not to mention that four largest national parks (Southwest NP, Franklin Gordon NP, Cradle Montain-Lake St Clair NP and Walls of Jerusalem NP) were classified in 1982 as World Heritage by UNESCO. Nature lovers and hiking trips you will be delighted to go through these jagged mountains just as impressive as vast! Conquer the summits of Ben Lomond NP or NP Hartz Montain. Explore Franklin Gordon NP by kayak or rafting. Isolate yourself on Maria Island and Bruny Island. Get lost in the central plateau of hightland lake the  tasmanian Outback . Overland Track is the most famous walk and runs through the center of Tasmania. It takes about 6 days of walking in a setting with breathtaking landscapes. For lovers of the sea and beautiful beaches, go along the East Coast and stop to contemplate Freycinet National Park and Wineglass Bay People or The Bay of fire and this longs sandy beaches. The Northwest Coast, for its part is wilder and oceanic. Plan on to cover up yourself! For the gastronomy, gourmets will be delighted! Oysters, fish, cheese, red berries, beers, wines and even whiskey and vodka are there. Plan a few weeks to discover this state, the wonder of nature exalting charm differentiates it from the rest of Australia!


Here our Top 10 :

     Mount Amos 

TOP 1 : Freycinet National Park

One of the best places of Tasmania is one of the most visited also. Discover this beautiful peninsula at the paradise view. Arriving at Coles Bay, smal village that serves as gateway to the Park, you will be surprised by the imposing peaks out of the water like arrows. Once there, go climb the Mount Amos (485 m) and its abrupt vertical slopes which offer you a point of view to 360 degrees on Park, coast, on the  Freycinet bay and especially Wineglass Bay. Famous for be the major point of attraction of the National Park. This magnificent Bay, stuck between mountains is one of the most beautiful beaches of Tasmania. For most adventurers a walk of 3 days penetrating at the heart of Park National until Honeymoon Bay will give you another prospect of the Peninsula. It is possible to follow Hazard Beach and to return by the coast  but it does not bring big interest.

TOP 2  : Cradle Mountain

Located in the northwestern part of the state, Cradle Mountain is probably one of the most famous attractions of Tasmania. World Heritage of Unesco, this National Park offers you the most beautiful landscapes of Tasmania between mountains, rivers, lakes and forests. Hard to find a place as well insulated and protected. Many short walks are to envisage as Pencil Pine Falls, Enchanted Falls, or Knyvet Falls that will make you pass in tropical forests where waterfalls and rivers are hiding in a varied flora and humid.

Paradise of the hikers, Cradle Mountain has also many walks, the most popular is Cradle Summit the most spectacular trail in the park . Plan 6 to 8 hours walk to make it. On height of this mountain chain, go around the remarkable Dove Lake in the heart of the mountains and ride through the Alpine landscape. For the more courageous, arrived down to the summit of Cradle, you can climb the rocky mountain reaching 1545 m offering an integral view of the National Park and on Mount Ossa, the most height of Tasmania (1617 m).

Before you go in this National Park, it is important to know the weather forecast.

Dove Lake 

Russels Falls 

TOP 3  : Mount Field National Park

Mount Field National Park is one of the most popular national parks of Tasmania. It is located 80 km north-west of HobartDivided in two parts, the first section is centered on Dobson Lake renowned for its skiing area. While the second, more famous for tourism offers the famous Russell Falls, a waterfall up to 45 m height on several levels, remains a magical place. A beautiful walk will take you through a dark rainforest of ferns and eucalyptus forest where some of the largest trees in the world are present. Continuing this easy access trail will arrive on Lady Barron Falls or Horseshoe falls two waterfalls both very impressive. This National Park offers a large range of facilities for day visitors with picnic areas, barbecues, playgrounds. Enough to enjoy a pleasant day.

TOP 4  : Hartz Mountains National Park

Unknown to the general public, Hartz Mountains National Park, are an amazing surprise. This park is located in the southern part of Tasmania, near the city of Geeveston. Praticable for a day, the park offers great views such as Warath Lookout, or short walks leading to the Arve Falls.

The most spectacular is the hike going up to the summit of Hartz Peak (1254m) , letting a impressive landscape, offering unique views in their genre with its jagged mountains and their big lakes. At this peak more than 1,200 meters, take a moment to discover varied landscapes and endless. At this distance you can perceive Bruny Island, the interminable Southwest National Park and with a little luck you can even see Tasman Peninsula in South West of the state. Hartz Mountains is a jewel of Tasmania, not to miss.

Hartz Peak 

Mount of Jereusalem

TOP 5 : Walls of Jerusalem National Park

 In the heart of Tasmania on its central plateau, this National Park is a paradise for hikers. The trek of one day to Mount Jerusalem (1459 m) is the most famous. You will walk for a few hours in an alpine flora with many lakes and wildlife before you arrive in front of the impressive vertical walls of dolerite dizzying. After a few minutes of climbing, a vast expanse of mountains and plains offer to you as far as you can see and give you a feeling of total isolation. For a better view of Mount Jerusalem, climb the Solomon throne that can see the beautiful valley and the beauty of Walls of Jerusalem from the heights. For the fittest one trek of 6 days is possible in the park. Lovers of athletic hiking looking for seclusion, nature and isolation this national park is made for you!


TOP 6 : Maria Island

Maria Island is located a few kilometers off Triabunna on the east coast of Tasmania. Board the ferry to the town of Darlington. Forbidden to drive, this former penal colony, includes an information center, a campground and a hotel where you can spend the night in the cells of the old penitentiary. Browse this wild island mountain bike or walk to explore its rich and varied landscapes through vast plains, huge cliffs, sandstone encrusted fossil or desert beaches. Maria Island is also many walks such as Bishop & Clark leading to its summit and panoramic views of the island or the Mount Maria where you will see its isthmus connecting the two parts of the island. Do not miss the Painted Cliff, a succession of cliffs carved by the ocean leaving a paint orange colors. This National Park is full of wildlife, do not be surprised to see a few wallabies, wombats and other mammals during your stay. For the most motivated, some walks over many days can be expected by chance you can even see some Tasmanian devils at night. Wildlife lovers and Flora, Maria Island is a wealth of nature not to be missed.

Maria Island 

Pedder Lake 

TOP 7 : Southwest National Park

The Southwest National Park covers one of the last intact temperate rainforests in the world and beautiful preserved mountains. A huge place, difficult to access but unforgettable. Go climb Mount Anne (1425 m) and its fabulous views of Pedder Lake. Lose yourself on the heights of Mount Wedge (1145 m). Each season the National Park is transformed, discovered, proves you offering in turn snowy peaks, wildflowers carpet, frozen lakes, waterfalls hitting the ground, snow turning into water descending the peaks full speed giving streams, rivers and untamed torrents, traversing gorges and valleys, crossing fauna and flora both actors and spectators of this change. At the North border of the Southwest NP is the Pedder Lake which is an artificial lake came after the creation of the dam in Strathgordon in 1982. can be explored the exterior of the dam and contemplate his views. This dam indicates the end of the road. Many tracks pass through the park but it is better be very prepared and trained. To note the "South coast Track" and "Arthur plain Track". It is possible to arrive by small plane to Melaleuca (there is no roads) to visit Bathurst Harbour and "Port Davey Track." Get ready for more than a week of walking and rain! Adventurer of one night, one day or at all times, discover the isolation of gigantic Southwest National Park!



TOP 8  : Bay of fire

North-east of the Tasmanian coast and a few kilometers north of St Helens is a succession of beautiful wild beaches of fine white sand. Some of these beaches are ideal for surfing but the currents make swimming dangerous. Favour swimming near Binalong Bay generally to calmer waters and a lagoon. The name of the bay is not due to orange lichen that covers the rocky walls but because of the fires lit by Aboriginal along the coast to the arrival of the first explorers. For relaxing or for a surf session or just for landscapes. Stop you for put one foot in the turquoise waters of Bay of fire.

Bay of Fire

Marakoopa Caves

TOP 9 : Mole Creek National Park

Located 25 km east of Doloraine, Mole Creek is first a small village of 200 habitants, its location is excellent for joining Cradle Mountains, Wall of Jerusalem and the Great Western Tiers mountain with a length of 100 km and its peak 1420m. Its main attraction is of course the National Park, with over 300 caves hidden in a world under land with spectacular limestone formations.

Marakoopa and King Solomons Caves are the most accessible caves, they offer the most wonderful stalagmites of Tasmania. Marakoopa, has two magnificent waterways and the "Grand Cathedral" encrusted with dazzling crystals. As long as King Solomon reflects calcite crystals projected by the floodlights. These two main caves contains of fireflies seeing in complete darkness. For the curious people Mole Creek National Park remains a mysterious and magical place.


TOP 10 : Bruny Island

Bruny Island was discovered by the French explorer Antoine Raymond Joseph Bruny. Take the ferry from Katherine located south of Hobart to explore this island stretching over 100 km. Arrived on its road , head of the southern part of the island and stop at Hammock Lookout to admire the spectacular views of this fine line sandy connecting the two parts of the island. With a bit of luck it will be possible to see some penguins nestled in the dunes. South Bruny National Park is very wild and isolated, integrates the 3/4 of the southern part of the island, walking along the coast are expected offering beautiful landscapes on the heights of breathtaking cliffs and many deserted beaches as Cloudy Beaches or Lighthouse Bay. What makes the reputation of Bruny Island is its culinary treasure, there are several drinks such as wines, beers, ciders or whiskey. Not to mention its most refined dishes where you can taste oysters cooked in any form in the Oysterbar or many cheeses on the northern part of the island.

A good weekend is expected to discover its fauna and its terroir renowned in Australia.


Bruny Island


Bonus :

Mount Wellington and Hobart

Hobart :

Historic city and capital of the state, Hobart has over 212,000 habitants. Different from other cities in Australia by this many old buildings, leaves place a cozy atmosphere. This areas like Salamanca Market form the best preserved urban area of the city, where you will find its market and many local artisans sell all types of products and leaving a bohemian atmosphere at the aurora of Saturday. On the weekend, discover the nightlife of Hobart, where restaurants and bars fill during the evening to enjoy a sumptuous cocktail to the rhythm of free concerts in the courtyard of Salamanca Arts. You will be pleased to explore Victoria Dock and Constitution Dock where the port activity is concentrated in the city. This southernmost capital city includes many historical and contemporary museums such as the Tasmanian Museum Gallery and the famous Mona located north of Hobart. Impossible to miss the Mt Wellington, located at the base of the city, a snaking road of 22 kms which will bring you to the peak of 1270m generally emerge above the clouds, leaving a breathtaking view of Hobart and this peninsula. Hobart still remains a very discreet town reflecting the relaxed atmosphere of this state.


Franklin-Gordon Wild River National Park :

Including the Franklin river basin and Oga River and part of the Gordon River this National Park is a hymn to adventure between hiking of fews days, climbing and rafting! The northern part is crossed by the road between Hobart and Queenstown and is easier to access. You will find short trips of less than an hour to contemplate such as Nelson Falls or Donaghys Hill where we discover the Franklin River and far off the frenchmans caps (1443 m). The latter being the highest mountain of the National Park. For the more courageous You can climb to the 3 to 5 days crossing valley and temperate rainforest. Companies proposing treks of  fews days of rafting on the tumultuous Franklin River. An almost untouched and protected by Unesco that offers most adventurous travelers.

Gordon River

Bicheno rock lookout 

Blowholes of Bicheno

Bicheno :

This small village of 600 inhabitants located on the east coast of Tasmania is not lacking of attractions. The sunniest town on the island, it knows how to keep its authenticity with its small famous fishing port for its seafood such as lobster. In the summer season, the town welcomes many tourists for observe penguins on the wild beaches of the coast. Bicheno has also a wildlife center where wombats, Tasmanian devils, tiger snakes, emus, kangaroos, cockatoos will make you pleasure to welcome you. In the land of Bicheno, we can find the Douglas National Park, walk in this eucalyptus forest to join the Asphley Gorges pool for a refreshing swim.

The Foreshore footway along the coast will take you through the small port of Gulch and the Blowholes where you can see this ocean disappearing into the orange rocks leaving a water-shoot in the air many meters heights, a real spectacle. Complete this walk by Rock Lookout with panoramic views of this charming village letting off a little wild island called Diamond Island connected by this sandy isthmus where it is possible to see some pygmy penguins nestled in the dunes. This small tourist town where it is pleasant to stop, has a few souvenir shops and traditional restaurants letting a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

Tasman Penninsula :

Mostly known for historic Port Arthur site which is outrageously expensive, the Tasman Peninsula hides more surprises between high cliffs and raging ocean to the south and beautiful forest and protected bays to the north. After having passed Dunalley canal, go on trails of Hauy cape in the Tasman National Park or Raoul cape with this spectacular seafront and these seals at the edge of the cliffs. The views at the edge of Pirates Bay its equally attractive with its strange formations and the coast jagged between Tessallated Pavement that looks like rocky forms mosaics and blowholes its far from extraordinary. Near Port Arthur look at the Remarkable Cave which is a tunnel dug by the sea. Lovers of history or just beautiful walks along the coast, Tasman Penninsula is a point of attraction not far from Hobart.

Cap Raoul 



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