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Cliff of Streaky bay

The South Australia is stuck between all states of Australia, (except Tasmania and Canberra)and is one of the most arid areas in the world! 3/4 of the state is desert or huge salt lakes  generally dry! But it is still a living state with many festivals, a beautiful arts scene, and a very good gastronomy with these vineyards and these seafood reputed over the world. Adelaide young and sporty,  is the largest city in the state with the 1.3 million inhabitants and also this capital. Certainly,  people don't come in South Australia by accident, many travelers traveling around Australia do not come because there are very few attractions. But nothing is better than few days in Coober Pedy in the middle of the desert or across the interminable Nullarbor Plain, where camels and emus accompagny you on these long roads. South Australia is also a rough coastline, marshy, mountainous landscapes, sometimes verdant, including one of the largest river in the world and one of the most beautiful island in Australia! South Australia is not a trip like other, it's an experience!




Flinders Chase National Park


TOP 1 : Kangaroo Island

The only island of South Australia remain one of the wonder of the state! Coming with the car-ferry cross Backstairs Passage from Cape Jervis you will discover a island almost raw and cross some villages, but the main attraction is first the nature. You can see lot of kangaroos, wallabies, varans, tiger snakes, possums, koalas, platypus, bandicoots, seals and over 267 species of birds living in these several National Parks. In the ocean, it is possible to observe many species of whales, dolphins and great white sharks swimming around this jewel !  For people looking for tranquility, you will find many beaches on the North coast  with Emu Bay and its white sand, Snelling Beach and this beautiful bay or Stoke Bay with its rocky basin only accessible by a tunnel of 20 meters in the cliffs. The south coast is windiest and wild but just as pretty! Flinders Chase NP in the western tip of the island varying between fields of bushes and giant eucalyptus forest with the opportunity to see seals and sea lion on that coast.

Despite its first place in Kangaroo Island, she keeps some flaws ! Tickets of ferries are very expensive, some roads are dilapidated and you have to pay for most of the tourist attractions! Travelers  you have to choose if you want to discover this paradise of fauna and flora!

TOP 2  : Flinder's Range National Park

Part of the largest mountain range in South Australia, the Flinder's Range extends over 400 klm from North to South. Arriving at the front of mountain fortress, take your time to admire the various colors from purple to red in the late evening. The Sanctuary of fauna and flora offers many wallabies, kangaroos, emus and the largest rapacious of Australia, the golden eagle. Start your adventure on the gravels roads to discover the valley surrounded by the mountains, leaving a lawn of wild flowers and a dried forest in the spring season.

The roads and many walks will make you go through remarkable views (Arkaroo Rock, Stokes Hill), narrow gorges, or a canyon where you will see many Aboriginal paintings embedded in the rock. Its strong point is the Wilpena Pound mountainous amphitheater in full of heart Flinder's Range, where climbing and walking still a very popular attraction with a panoramic views of the emblematic places of South Australia.

Flinder's Range  

Little Dip  Conservention  Park

TOP 3  : Limestone Coast

The Limestone Coast in South East of South Australia remains one of the pleasant surprise of our Top 10! This long shredded coast between wild beaches and sharp cliffs gives us beautiful Nationals Parks! Get out of the road to discover lagoon, isolated bays and some charming little port!

Inland, discover these amazing limestone caves, beautiful forests and lakes craters! North of the coast, Coorong National Park is a sublime lagoon landscape who extending on 120km long. You will meet many pink salt lakes along the way. Near to Robe, lovely fishing port, go to Little Dip Conservation Park which protects beautiful beaches, dunes, and lakes. Go through Beachport with this turquoise water before heading down to Millicent and Canunda National Park with its limestone cliffs, dunes and its beaches Bush. You can discover in Mount Gambier who is the main town to the Limestone coast, some deep lakes in volcanic craters and some caves carved into the bedrock of the city!

TOP 4  : Coober Pedy

Coober Pedy is primarily a dream, the dream of hundreds of people who defy the inhuman temperatures and flys to search  opal, they digging holes and mines in the desert landscape from the beginning of the last century (1916). This small village of 2000 souls come from the four corner of the world, the town have nothing spectacular but it is on the borders of the Stuart Higth Way between Port Augusta and Alice Springs, and therefore making it a good stop for rest and restock.

 Try to visit a troglodyte house or the great desert which remains a surprising and surreal moment for numbers of travelers. Many films have used this framework as the famous Mad Max III or Red Planet. The nearest town is Port Augusta at 540km,between that,  two roadhouse,  some salt lakes drained and a landscape denuded of life. This solitary and proud city remains a mirage isolated of all.

Desert of Coober Pedy


TOP 5 : Barrossa Valley

Barossa Valley is an important wine area located 60km from Adelaïde city. Germans migrants arrived in 1842 in this valley, and  built three lovely villages with less than 1,000 habitants; Tanunda, Angaston and Nurioopta. Browse the roads by car or the campaign by bike to explore the area.  You could as well enjoy authentic wines such as Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Semillon, Chardonnay or even Riesling in this many caves, where most of the winemaker  will be happy to open their doors to welcome you with a tasting of their excellent products. It is also possible to visit the Barossa Valley by vintage car, motorcycle or balloon flew over the region, this last one give one spectacular view of the vineyard.  Barossa is also a delicate and amazing gastronomy with its many local products such as cheeses, breads, jams or smoking meats who can be tasted at the market of Angaston every Saturday morning , or in sumptuous restaurants located in heart of the vineyard. By its small community,  Barossa keeps a very friendly and dynamic spirit and receives each year diverse performances of artists, few festivals and several night markets offering its local culture, its gastronomy and its exceptional wineries.


TOP 6 : Adelaide 

Elegant capital of  South AustraliaAdélaïde is the fifth city the most populated of Australia counting 1,29 million habitants situated in the North of the peninsula Fleurier. Cornered between hills and ocean. Adélaïde could be the capital of the Australian lifestyle for its arts, its gastronomic culture and its oenology. There are also many restaurants, bars, world-renowned festivals such as the Fringe Festival, and many museums located in the North Terrance quarter, old center of the city. Experience the excitement of markets such as Adelaide Central Markets and be lulled by its smells, its colors, its fresh products offered by local producers, enough to fill up your shopping basket for lunch. Surrounded by its many gardens, where its pleasant to walk. Adelaide hosts various sporting events such as the "Santos Tour Down Under" or its many cricket games you might enjoy in the magnificent Adelaide Oval, a stadium regarded as the most beautiful cricket ground in the world. The city also offers a free location of bike where you could move easily on the various cycling paths along the Torrens River. When the temperature rises, join the frenzy of Glenelg and Henley for a swim with the dolphins or stroll on his wonderful beaches, then end your stay in its many bars and restaurants, where surfers, travelers, students converge there to admire the sunset facing the ocean and give a relaxed atmosphere.


Nullarbor Plain / Bunda Cliffs

TOP 7 : Nullarbor Plain

Connecting the States of Western Australia and South Australia. This crossing is one of the most impressing road of the world. On near 1200 km, open your horizons on the Eyre Highway, and be surprised by the greatness of the desert landscape.  Along the way, some kangaroos, wallabies, birds of prey, or some camels shall hold you company on this long road where it is very easy to fall asleep.  The only attrractrions on the road are the vehicles that we cross ,caravans, vans, Roadtrain or some cyclists. In this dry decoration, we can note some views, as the observation of the southern whales from the cliffs of Head of Bright (in May-December), or some spectacular lookout, situated at the top of Bunda cliffs reaching more than 90 meters of height, part of the longest line of cliffs of the world!

 This long crossing, will make you understand the unlimitedness of Australia and live an exeptional experience.

TOP 8  : Fleurieu Peninsula

This small peninsula in South of Adélaïde where many habitants like to rest for a lovely weekend. The Mac Laren Valley in the entrance of the peninsula, produces of delicious Shiraz and of very good restaurants. On the west coast you will cross lot of olive groves going down the hills. Beautiful beaches welcome you as that of Myponga Beach, Sellisk Beach with these yellow colors and its white sand. More you go down towards Cap Jervis who leads to Kangaroo Island more the weather changes. On the South Coast, Victor Harbor is the small capital of the peninsula where many tourists try to observe migrantion of whales. If you want to spend a beautiful weekend between beach and gastronomy, Fleurieu Peninsula is made for you !

Fleurieu Peninsula

Murray River

TOP 9 : La Murray River

Murray River is a australian river running  Adelaide untill the city of Corryong (Victoria). With a length of 2530 kilometers, she winds on 650 kilometers in the State of South Australia.  Formerly, we used it essentially for the transport of cereal and other reserves. After the arrival of rail transportations,  Murray River became a tourist place very appreciated by the Australian. In development, the water sport such as the jet-ski, the water-skiing and the sail remains the main activity.The "houseboat" very appreciated by the tourists the time of a weekend,  is the fact of following the river by boat fitted out, allowing to savor a landscape varied including its Mangrove swamps, of wonderful cliffs (Murraylands), and small villages as Berri, Renmark or Murray Bridge offering a good gastronomy and of excellent wines. It is possible to follow the Murray River by car by borrowing the road of Walkerie from Renmark to stop you in the small village of Barmera on the banks of Lake Bonney. In family or between friends, a stay need to be planned to let you rock by the peaceful Murray River.



TOP 10 : Eyre Peninsula 

Located on the border of Gawler mountains, Eyre Peninsula is a vast triangle that does not lack of attractions. Considered like the paradise of seafood. Swap the crowds against a calm and relaxing landscape. At the south of the peninsula, you will find the city of Port Lincoln, world tuna fishing capital, where you find a very dynamic atmosphere. For the more energetic, the city is also renowned for its cage diving with great white sharks. For those who prefer their fish on the plate, stop near Coffin Bay for a tasting of local variety such as sea food and other high-quality fish, and then terminated by a sunset on its rocky cliffs where the whales leaping of the ocean. Flinders Highway Road, serving  the peninsula along the wild coast for exploring its various coves and protected bays, sand with orange color, as Staircase To Heaven or Venus Bay. Around Streaky Bay, Go for a ride on the heights of his surprising rocky wall where some sea lion colony appear. On the east coast of the peninsula, there are some lovely villages like Tumby Bay, Arno Bay Lucky Bay or offering long natural beaches. Eyre Peninsula remains a place frequented by lovers of fishing, of surfing or of some gourmets for its marine products.

Streaky Bay



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