Whitehaven beach / Whithudays Island

Queensland State of Australia bordered by the Coral Sea and Pacific Ocean is also known as the Sunshine State since located partly in the tropics. Its beauty, its vastness and variety contribute to satisfy all of us. Brisbane the capital or in the far north of Cape York Peninsula, through the Daintree Rainforest and south by the Gold Coast, but its islands and atolls as known Fraser Island to be the world's largest sand island The Whitsundays region abounds no less than 74 islands, so many places to sublime landscapes. A tinted world of turquoise in its water, in its azure sky, shaded in green vegetation, brown in his land, on which the vibrations of a divine caress those that the heart gives life when one raises it. A current-against Queensland also offers a semi-arid land with its superb Outback. Queensland is also the national parks of all beauties where rivers, waterfalls and gorges huge animate the daily fauna of great diversity which we know among other Kangaroos, Koalas and the budgies. Driven by the exceptional setting of this state is full of freedom that we are building relationships with people and discover the trendy places of its cities.


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                      Whitehaven beach

TOP 1 : Whitsunday Islands

Whitsundays is an ancient mountain range submerged by the sea giving way to for some 74 tropical islands untouched. Of these islands, Whitsunday Island stands out through Whiteven Beach which is certainly one of the best beaches in the world, with its fine sand in an extremely pure white light waves that love to cuddle, giving the delight of our eyes, a show with turquoise and white colors identified by its green vegetation, a hymn to the imagination. The Whitsundays are also ideal for snorkelling and diving throughout the Queensland coast. It's also a wonderful way to experience the Great Barrier Reef! A board, escape on a boat to discover this magnificent archipelago and admire the most beautiful sunsets of the Sunshine States.

TOP 2  : Fraser Island

Fraser Island is the largest sandy island in the world, accessible only by 4x4, one of whose greatest appeal is to drive across the island on the long beach of sand beaten by the winds. It is very dangerous to swim in the ocean because of the  current and some deadly aquatic animals. You will find few beautiful lakes with turquoise waters inside Fraser and some amazing Creek where it is good to cool off on the way to the beach. Take a break at Champagne pool north of the island . The whole island is not accessible to visitors, however, you can visit huge sand dunes, an amazing tropical forest and crossing the wreck of the Maheno, real ghost on the island. Some Intrepid Dingos live in abundance on the island.

Mckenzie lake


TOP 3  : Brisbane

Brisbane, capital of Queensland, has around 2.15 million inhabitants. It is characterized by its full energy of life, where culture and sport are highlighted. It is diverse in its architecture blending skyscrapers and older styles, colorful, and its Botanical Garden and a gigantic artificial lagoon. Several districts are noted as the bohemian West End, Peninsula fairly select New Farm, Kangaroo Point fashionable and trendier Paddington.

TOP 4  :Greet Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef, site classified as World Heritage by UNESCO, along the Queensland coast that extends along the coastline of 2000 km. You can do one skydiving , scenic flights or discover more intimately for diving and snorkeling. Take the opportunity to sailing along the different points of access, pleasant to visit, such as the Whitsundays, or from cities like Cairns, Port Douglas or Townville.

Grande Barière de corail

Carnavon National Park

TOP 5 : Carnavon National Park

Go to the outback of Queensland. A long dirt road takes you in Carnarvon Gorge. Nature lovers and hiking, discover the trails through some Aboriginal paintings, caves, rivers, and to complete its view of the infinite National Park.

TOP 6 : Josephine Falls

Josephine Falls, Millaa Millaa, located a few kilometers from Cairns, hidden in the rainforest, is a little corner of paradise to discover. Be swept away by the river currents to take a break. These same rivers include slides that flow into incredible natural pools of clear, cool waters. Do not miss the short hikes along the waters of some reptiles and other wild life like to hide.

Josephine Falls

Noosa National Park

TOP 7 : Noosa

Noosa between Caloundra and  Rainbow Beach is a small, upscale, vibrant city by its Australian tourism. Ideal for surfing and canoeing, it also offers beautiful sandy beaches located in the national park in the Mediterranean decor.




TOP 8  : Gold Coast

Gold Coast, located between Main Beach and Burleigh Heads, whose beach is bordered by gigantic buildings, remains a very luxurious and trendy environment. It also includes Surfer Paradise, former paradise of the Gold Coast, which has given way to mass tourism. Seaside resort is famous for its festive and dynamic side. You will find large resorts, trendy restaurants and bars.


Gold Coast 

Airlie Beach

TOP 9 : Airlie Beach

Airlie Beach, a small young city nightlife and opposite the Whitsundays, hosts many restaurants, bars and nightclubs. A blank mountains, in a magical setting, nothing beats a break in the lagoon opposite the Pacific Ocean or its picnic areas where you can find free barbecue grills. Many travellers who stop at that location along the East Coast. It is also the starting point for the Whitsundays by boat or plane, to discover the south of the Great Barrier Reef.

TOP 10 : Magnetic Island

From Townsville, take the ferry to discover this small mountainous land that captivate you with its smell of eucalyptus and pine trees, surrounded by creek with clear waters. This little paradise is a national park which is home to 2,500 inhabitants. It is accessible by hiking or by car (difficult access). You will discover beautiful non tourist beaches inhabited by a varied fauna. It includes the most concentration of Koalas in Australia.

                                 Arthur Bay


Cape Tribulation

Daintree Rainforest 

Daintree National Park

Forget daily life and go to explore the amazing Daintree Rainforest. Forming part of one of the oldest forests in the world (more than 110 million years) and largest rainforest in Australia, it is located a few kilometers north of Cairns. Take one of the most famous scenic drives in Australia to the village of Port Douglas, after that, the roads are becoming increasingly difficult, it is also highly recommended to have a 4 wild drive. In Mossman, start your trip to the Mossman Gorge where the crystal waters terminates cascading over granite rocks. And go in the footsteps of indigenous ancestors to explore this emblematic place. Embark on the Ferry to the Daintree Forest in Cape Tribulation, to find yourself in lungs of this rainforest, a new experience awaits you, many trails will make you discover all this concentration of plant and animal species that found nowhere else in Australia like the cassowary, the tree kangaroo, Ringtail possum, or the famous Ulysses butterflies, there are also some relaxed crocodiles along the Daintree river, a paradise for birdwatchers and lovers nature. Many activities are available to you, cross a part of the rainforest by zip lines near Cape Tribulation, stay overnight to observe fascinating species, or spend the day on its vast golden beaches bordered by rainforest making a heavenly place. Do not miss Snapper Island, accessible by kayak to explore this uninhabited island, filled with tropical forest, surrounded by beautiful coral reefs and white sand beaches. Difficult to access during the summer due to the monsoon season and the presence of the "Box" jellyfish in the ocean, the best season is winter with less annoying insects, no jellyfish and weather more comfortable. Luxuriant and wet nature, giant ferns, tall trees with endless roots, creepers, rivers, torrents, all intermingle in artistic disorder. This earned him a UNESCO World Heritage, to discover!



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