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Blue Montains

New South Wales, located on the south-east of the main island, between Victoria in the south, South Australia to the west and Queensland in the North, is the most populated state in Australia. New South Wales is a blend of natural treasures, sandy beach and one of the most famous and lively cities in the world! Explore these majestic national parks such as the Blue Mountains or Mimosa Rock National Park. Browse its coast sometimes licked by the azure waters as in Jervis Bay or Seal Rocks and occasionally sweep by countless waves like on the coast of Grand Pacific Drive between Wollongong and KiamaNew South Wales is a real mix of landscapes where you will find tropical rain forests, arid deserts, fertile valleys and the highest mountain in Australia in an alpine scenery. Do not be afraid to travel inland to the most remote parts of the state as Broken Hill or the Mungo National Park. While one advice, go discover as quickly you can the New South Wales that will leave you with many happy memories and encounters full heart.



Here our top 10 :

Sydney Harbour

TOP 1 : Sydney

The inescapable Sydney, married to one of the most beautiful bay in the world, hosting the famous Opera House and Harbour bridge, is both, a name, a brand and most of all, the imprint of modern Australia. Sydney is the oldest city in Australia, but also the largest and the most cosmopolitan! A international city, young, dynamic, elegant and quiet, bathed in sunshine, where surfers, local and travelers meet and like to relax on Bondi Beach and Manly Beach to enjoy a cold beer. In his heart, Sydney Harbour and Circular Quay moving to frantic rhythms shuttles and ferries where the crowd gathers on restaurant terraces. Converged by the bustling CBD to take the temperature of the city. King Cross, the former industrial district turned bohemian where partygoers, backpackers find themselves near the strip boxes located below the huge sign "Coca-Cola". False capital, real jewel opens its doors to anyone who will turn the handle.

TOP 2  : Blue Montains 

The Blue Mountains, situated about sixty kilometers from Sydney, offering a beautiful landscape with deep gorges, valleys carved into the rock, a compact canopy in blue haze due to the evaporation of oils of eucalyptus. Blue Mountains are especially appreciate for one day or for a couple of days. Covering an area of 1436 km2 there is enough to explore ! We recommend minimum to stay two days and escape the beaten track by tourist bus. Some rides need to be noted as the walk of the Grand Canyon or even Walls Cave located near the charming village of Blackheath, offer breathtaking scenery, where you find yourself in the middle of beautiful gorges in the heart of the forest where you will have the impression to penetrate the beating lungs of the National Park. You will also walk along protrusions, waterfalls, cross few pools by stepping over big stones and some Aboriginal art. Most popular by tourists, the famous Three Sisters, three rock formations, where you will see them on the lookout of Echo Point that will give you a breathtaking view! You undertake the descent of 32 stairs and 910 steps to recover the tropical jungles of the Blue Mountains. On some views prevail silence and the magic that few cockatoos come sublimate with their dances above the landscape that leaves us dreamers. That we go once or more, you will never tire of admiring the sumptuous Blue Mountains.

Blue Montain

Cape Jervis

Green Patch Beach

TOP 3  : Jervis Bay

Difficult to not resist to this little piece of paradise with turquoise waters at 3 hours drive from Sydney. This coastline in the south of Nowra is proud of beach ultra-fine white sand, forest and protected area of Bush. The entrance of the Cape is paying but worth it. This small piece of land belonged to Canberra and also serves as a military base in the Australian Army. Discover the extraordinary Green Patch Beach real Eden, or the beautiful Cave Beach and its cavities carved into the rock on the right side of the beach. Incredible fauna and flora await you, where the heavenly birdsong and wallabies will be your guides during your stay. Several hikes are noted like "White Sand Walk" to Greenfield Beach at Hyams Beach on the Jervis Bay. Hyams beach was officially designated as "the Book of Records" as the beach being the whitest in the world!  Around this sublime bay you will find many coastal villages not lost any of their authenticity offering fine food! Cape Jervis also has a botanical garden and a historic site in the surroundings as the lighthouse of St George cape enjoyable to watch whales and dolphins or the historical and cultural site of Lady Denman where you will find hundreds of marine objects loaded history. Booderee National Park is owned by the Aboriginal community of Wreck Bay always been a land of extreme importance for the Koori people. Booderee meaning "bay of plenty". Some of the best beaches in Australia, almost unreal and magical paces welcome you the time of a few days or a lifetime!

TOP 4  : Byron Bay

Byron Bay is a small and typical town with 5000 habitants. This is the place on the East Coast where many travelers gather to enjoy the joyful and warm atmosphere offered by its colorful architecture in a hippies decor. Near the lighthouse, you can admire beautiful sunsets and even see his two endless beaches separated by the hinterland. At night, musicians and night shows enliven the streets of the city giving it a playful and relaxed atmosphere. Lined of bars and restaurants, where you'll meet people from everywhere enjoying the life. In front of the city, along the coast, many travelers gather to socialize, barbecues and even sleep under the stars until sunrise. There's a saying out there that says "Byron we stay one day, two days, a week or a lifetime ..."You need to decide now ...

Byron bay beach

Ben Boyd National Park

The Pinnacles

TOP 5 : Ben Boyd National Park

History, mystery, widelife, spectacular geology and entrepreneurial folly, this park stretching from Pambula to the Green Cape Light Station  has it all. In the northern reaches of the park near Pambula you will fine excellent surf, fishing and kid friendly swimming at the mouth of the Pampula River. From here it's 5km scenic bushwalk or you can drive on an unsealed but well maintened road to Haycock Point for wide panoramic coastal views and endless rockpools to explore. Just off the Haycock Point access road you can find the Pinnacles. A spectaculaire 65 million years old erosion feature with cliffs of soft white sands capped with a layer of red gravel clay. In the sourthern reaches of the park, Boyd Tower, the lighthouse that never was, marks the southern entrance to Towfold Bay, which is a great lookout point for whale watching. Nearby, Davidson Whaling Station stands as a reminder of the early whaling days. Boyds Tower is connected to Green Cape Light Station by the spectacular 30 km Light to Light Walking Track which takes you past the white sands of Saltwater Creek, the Bitangabee Bay ruins countless deserted beaches, and the Ly-ee MoonBen Boyd National Park, near Eden, offers whale watching, fishing and beach camping and is great for daytrip between Sydney and Melbourne !


TOP 6 : Mimosa Rock National Park

Just a short drive from Bega, Mimosa Rocks National Park offers up show-stopping headland views, beaches and pure lagoons, and you’ll be spoilt for choice with lookouts, rainforest pockets and historic sites to explore.

The park takes its name from the Paddle Steamer Mimosa that wrecked in 1863 after running onto rocks at the northern end of the park. The rocks of Mimosa have distinctive castle-like features that are the result of intricate folds, faults and intrusions occurring in the rock. For a view you’ll never forget, head to Bunga Head for sunrise, the rocks look magnificent backed by the pinks of the early morning sky.

You’ll also find plenty of opportunities for fishing, surfing, snorkelling and birdwatching throughout the park and there are great picnic areas to stop for a break. The park’s headlands are great vantage points for whale watching in winter.

It’s a great place to escape to for the day, and if you’d like to stay for longer, there are a range of campgrounds to choose from, including sites with motorhome and camper trailer access.

Lagune of Mimosa Rock

Pool of Kiama

Sea Cliff Bridge

TOP 7 : Grand Pacific Ocean Drive

The Grand Pacific Drive is a sumptuous popular coastal road on the south coast of New South Wales extending over 140 km from Nowra at the Royal National Park. Start along the rolling green hills until Geroa on cliffs overlooking Seven Mile Beach and continue to the village of Shoalhaven Heads, a popular spot with swimmers and fishing lovers. Going along its beaches Kiama found there , located in idyllic surroundings it offers one of the best stops on the south coast where there is a famous Blowhole, water jet springing up to 60 meters high. Come enjoy the swimming pool designed in the sea to refresh you during the day or at sunset. Continuing your trip you will come upon the city of Wollongong. With 246,000 inhabitants, it is distinguished by its relaxed seaside atmosphere with its many restaurants and bars, its rich artistic and cultural scene and its nightlife. Renowned for activities such as swimming, surfing, aerial sports and hiking, "Gong" account 17 beautiful supervised beaches. Finish this route by way of the spectacular bridge of Sea Cliff, which overlooks the ocean of 665 meters in height snaking above the waters of the Pacific, one of the most photographed buildings in Australia! This scenic route will take you through amazing landscapes and exceptional panorama for weekend splendour, do not miss.




TOP 8  : Seal Rocks

 This small paradise offers some of the most beautiful beaches of the coast. With the small hamlet of Bush stuck to Sugarloaf bay with golden sandy beaches that the sun floods and water sometimes turquoise or emerald. Or on edge, "Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse" from where one has a magnificent view of the Pacific Ocean that provides for its part by humpback whales, dolphins, sharks, some islands serving as sanctuary to fur seals and other sea birds, for a show more wonderful. Along the way you will surely come across one or two surfers from having fun on the waves of the immense Lighthouse Beach before seeing a gorge struck by the tides. At every lovers of idleness and sandy beaches, Seal Rocks is the place where it will be nice to relax.

Beachs of Seal Rocks

Hunter Valley 

TOP 9 : Hunter Valley

Hunter Valley, hymn to the pleasure of taste, this green valley is rich in gastronomy and wines. Place of lust for city dwellers from weekends to discover or rediscover the oldest wine region in Australia with its excellent restaurants. The wide variety of products such as chocolate, cheese, olives, beer or wines like Shiraz, Semillon or Sauvignon awaken your taste buds for your delight. Enhance your stay with a visit vineyards and wineries where tastings ensue with subtle flavors and variety that characterize this region.


TOP 10 : Broken Hill

Broken Hill or "Silver City" located at the border of South Australia is a city of old mines outgoing money as an oasis in the desert dry and inhospitable outback. Cited rebel of New South Wales, she shares with Adelaide and South Australia the same time zone, area code and Australian Rules football. She keeps a little old charm with its vaulted streets to escape the sometimes extreme heat. A few kilometers away appears the small ghost town of Silvertown. At its peak, it were more than 3000 inhabitants, now they are fifty. Only a few houses remain as a bar/restaurant, 4 donkeys, two museums, a creepy cemetery. At the edge of town there is a strategic point from which you can see the vast Australian desert area. Where life stops.

Main street of Broken Hill


Dorringo National Park

Doringo National Park is 12,000 hectares more surprising as each other discoveries. Known for its undulating roads, bordered by the Bellinger Rivers, hidden in the valleys and rainforest, this mountain offers to a variety of rare birds, you can admire while walking hiking trails. This national park offers panoramic views of the most beautiful part of the state. An attraction called the Skywall floating bridge over the rainforest where you can contemplate one of the most spectacular scenery. A few kilometers from the city of Doringo, renowned for its wines and its generous gastronomy, you will find Dangar Falls, a waterfall of fresh water flowing into the wild gorge. And to finish off the day, the most courageous will attempt a swim in the waters of Bellinger Rivers.



Mount Kosciuszko National Park

Snowy during the winter, covered with wildflowers in summer, Mount Kosciuszko is the highest point of Australia with its 2228m. Located in the alpine mountains of Kosciusko National Park, it possible to pace the summit, from the city of Thredbo. Considered as the best ski resort in Australia, located at 1 370m of altitude you can take the chairlift ($ 32 per person) to climb a part of mountain with beautiful views of the Snowy Montains and on the Bogong Peaks the rest is made by walking, it takes another 13 km to go up to the summit and descent back. You can also drive up to Charlotte Pass to start the Walk Summit where an accession of 9 km return you awaits to reach its summit. The Main Range Track on it is a loop of 20 km including magnificent lookout  as Blue Lake Lookout or Hedley Tarn Lookout. Generally climb the highest mountain in Australia is proving relatively easy and offers sumptuous panoramas. Also note that the park entrance has a cost of $ 17 per vehicle, bring warm clothes and a clear day!

Summit of Mount Kosciuszko

Summit Walk ( winter )

Heights pool rocks

Royal National Park coast

Royal National Park

Located thirty kilometers in the south of the city of Sydney, "Nasho" or "The Royal" is part of the second oldest national park in the world created in 1879, designed to break the monopoly of the city. By its 15,080 hectares, more than 100 km of hiking trails will take you through a range of landscapes lost in the valley where you will discover the splendor of the fauna and flora, where you will be guided by the sound of Umoola falls, a wonderful succession of hidden waterfalls in the rainforest. The park also has a coastal landscape of the most exceptional, bordered by magnificent cliffs broken by isolated beach entries such as Burning Palms leading to unavoidable "Figure Eight pool". A natural pool formation carved by the sea, form a "8" leaving a translucent water, a true masterpiece. It is accessible only by low tides along the cliff to the rocky and slippery floors. Do not miss Wattamolla, idyllic place, among waterfall, river and sea, surrounded by a sand unfortunately poorly maintained due to the influx of tourists during the summer, it leaves you all still wonderful scenery by the bluish color of the ocean peaceful. For walkers, Coast Wall is a popular walk along the Pacific coast on the heights of the cliffs offering breathtaking views where you can admire some whales during the start of winter. Other beaches to be discovered as Garie, Little Marley, Curracurong, giving you the heavenly and isolated locations. Very busy during the summer season, the Royal National Park has adapted by installing great picnic areas and attractions leaving a family and tourist park where it is nice to spend a good weekend.

Mungo National Park

Lost in the red and burnt landscape of the Outback of New South Wales, covering 27 850 hectares of the area Wilandra Lakes World Heritage. Mungo National Park with its isolated and striking beauty is more than 800 km from Sydney. Formed by west winds extending over 25 km, it has shaped, crafted and compiled an amazing and extraordinary Walls of China, a circle of 33 km of white sand dunes and sand formations and imposing clays leaving an extraordinary lunar landscape! A circuit of 70 km will take you through magnificent views until it information center to discover its most important cremation site in the world. Some walks are not to miss as the Grassland Nature Heritage Trail or accessible by car (4x4 recommended), on foot or by bike on used land by time. Do not miss the sunsets where the colors of this spectacular chain turns yellow, orange and red blood, ending with an amazing starry sky. Rich in history with over 40,000 years of Aboriginal culture, Mungo National Park or dream of yesteryear and today this reality cross each to model this landscape that leaves us pensive.

Walls of China 

Parliament House 

Australian War Memorial


Capital of Australia, it is located north of the Australian Capital Territory, the smallest territory of Australia. Founded in the early 20th century to appease the eternal and bitter rivalry between Melbourne and Sydney both contenders for the status of capital. Built in the middle of the Australian bush of 168 500 habitants, Canberra surprisingly missing of charm, which could shorten your stay in the Australian capital. She has the distinction of welcoming transient population as civil servants and students. It still remains an important stop in the eyes of Australians the great museums and galleries (mostly free) are the biggest distraction of the city.

The Australian War Memorial by one of the most interesting museums in Canberra where you will discover the rooms devoted to the First World War, the Second World War and conflicts between 1945 and today. There is also a room devoted to war planes in the impressive Hanzac Hall. Museums such as National Gallery of Australia and National Portrait Gallery are subject to Aboriginal and contemporary art, or discover the history of the country at the National Museum. You can also stop at the Parliament House, where we find this extravagant building built in the capital capped by a grassy roof where it stands a pole of 81 m on which floats a huge flag of Australia. cultural capital and political of the country , Canberra remains a little distractive city in Australia.



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