Yasawa Islands

"Bula" or "Welcome" in Fiji! This small country of Oceania composed of 332 islands, as beautiful as varied with 1129 km of coastline, is a paradise as much for the lovers of the sea as on the nature. Explore Viti Levu, the main island of the archipelago with its high mountains, its wild center and its capital Suva, or the island of Vanua Levu sublimed by Savusavu and its wild and untouched scenery. Navigate to the Lau Group on the border of nothingness or on the beautiful and historic island of Ovalau in the east of Viti Levu. Not to mention the touristic Islands of Yasawah and Mamanuca and the incredible island of Taveuni! A fascinating culture, a fine cuisine, breathtaking sceneries, some of the best places to dive in the world, all enhanced by the kindness and smile of Fijians. Small in size but big in charm, Fiji remains one of the destinations of excellence of the Pacific Islands!


here our Top 10 :

                      Main street of Levuka


TOP 1 : Ovalau Island

Sixth largest island of Fiji, Ovalau Island is located on the east coast of Viti Levu. Easy access by boat or plane from the city of Suva, you will find yourself easily disconnected from world. Along the south coast of the island, you will come across some villages ravaged by previous cyclones. Faced with these villages there is one of the most beautiful reef of the island where some of the local are fishing. By joining Levuka, the old capital of Fiji, you will be charmed by the city considered one of the finest in the country. Colorful colonial buildings dating back to the nineteenth century, reflect the historical and ancestral past of the city. People from Levuka like to explain and to tell the wonderful story that hides their town. For the more adventurous, you can step into the jungle with a guide that will open the path with a machete. This walk along the Mountain Range of Tana, offers the most spectacular views of this almost intact vegetation and on the reef surrounding the island. After several hours of walking, the guide will take you into the village of Lovoni built in an old volcanic crater. Welcomed by the locals, you will taste all the flavors of the island with typical fresh products, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. A great adventure to live! In the late afternoon, you can find all young people from Levuka in the sports field and play in a game of "touch rugby", volleyball or even a football game. For their humanity and his enchanting scenery with tropical glow, Ovalau Island remains one of the most unforgettable experience of Fiji.

TOP 2  : Yasawa Islands

At the western border of Fiji, you can find the Yasawa Islands that extend from North of Mamanuca and head to the North-East for more than 80 km. These twenty volcanic islands are mostly covered with forests and some of the best beaches in Fiji. On Yasawa you will not find any store or bank, but a long line of hotels, resorts and hostels of all kinds, welcoming you sometimes at excessive prices on the majority of the group of islands. The most northern Yasawa Islands are Nacula, Tavewa and Nanuya Lailai. These islands have a variety of hotels that have their feet in the turquoise water of the Pacific and allows access to two of the main attractions of Yasawa! The first is a beautiful underwater cave called "Sawa-I-Lau Caves". After entering in the first open sky cave, take your breath for a few seconds of apnea in a dark tunnel before resurfacing in this majestic cave. A magic feeling and an anguish moment! For snorkeling lovers, discover the famous and renowned "Blue Lagoon" with its multitude of fish and translucent water! Unfortunately, the reputation of this little jewel has earned the arrival of many tourists and lots of boats come here to anchor which deteriorate and kill corals. More in the south you will cross the islands of Matacawalevu and Yaqueta less touristy. In the center of Yasawa be found the main island of Naviti slightly wild and mountainous. The three small islands of Drawaqa, Nanuya Balavu and Naukacuvu are fabulous for watching manta rays. The last series of islands includes the photogenic Waya Island with mountains falling into the water. It is possible to climb the peaks only two days a week with guides. This also includes the charming islands of Wayalailai and Kuata with their rocky jetty. Every day hundreds of tourists escape on the small Fijian paradise and are found in hostels more or less luxurious. The majority of visits are not free and it is very difficult to explore all the islands by yourself. If you are looking for adventure and discovery of local life go your way! Otherwise explore the sublime Yasawa, these paradise islands situed at the end of the world!

Beach in Waya Island

Waya Island

Kuata Island

Bouma National Park


TOP 3  : Taveuni

Located less than an hour by boat in the South of Vanua Levu, Taveuni is considered as the "Garden" of Fiji due to its many natural reserves sheltering flora and abundant wildlife. Also known for dive sites such as Eel Reef, the Rainbow Reef and the Great white wall, where you'll find a soft coral intact with vivid colors. Lovers of hiking, Tavenui offers excellent walks trails near Tagimaucia Lake, or you can climb "Des Voeux Peak" and its 1195 meters. In its summit can be found there "orange dome", a sublime flower growing only in Tavenui. Do not miss the Bouma National Park, tourist part of the island that offers 3 beautiful waterfalls hidden in the rainforest. If you love gliding sports, the Waterslides of Waiyevo are for you! You will find a succession of waterfalls and a long natural toboggan reaching a fresh water pool. A real pleasure, which is free and in the company of young people of the village. Its many activities are proposed by the resorts as horseback riding, excursions to explore a sleepy volcano, visiting a 200 years old fortified village or bird watching in the Vidawa Rainforest. Note that most of the island activities are paying and can reach pretty scary prices. Tavenui remains a magical place in the eyes of Fiji and for world travelers.



TOP 4  : Vanua Levu

Vanua Levu which means "Big Island" in Fiji is the largest island after Viti Levu and count only 50 000 inhabitants. This sublime rural island almost unreal, with charming mountains, hidden in luxuriant forests and number of treasures including some magnificent fresh water waterfalls. In the North, Labasa is not really interesting except for sugarcane fans. In the South, the charming town of Savusavu nestled in the tropical bay offers a beautiful marina, small and cozy restaurants and hot springs. We call this city the "hidden pearl of fiji" or the "hudden paradise". On the road between Savusavu and Labasa is located the popular Waisali Rainforest Reserve with its beautiful waterfall and small walks treck. The rest of the island is divided between sugar cane plantations and coconut trees from which is produced, among others, coconut oil. Around the island, Raimbow Reef and Namena Marine Reserve  offer beautiful seabed with a variety of about 400 species of fish. In the north, the Great Sea Reef is more turbulent and more difficult to access. Take the bus to discover small villages and rural side much more welcoming and cleaner than its big sister Viti Levu. In the South, on the Natewa Peninsula Tunuloa you can take the ferry to the beautiful island of Taveuni. Note, that it is very complicated to climb this two peaks "Batini" (1111 m) and "Mt Thurston" (1030 m). Keep the smile and discover the beautiful island of Vanua Levu. Its rural and friendly side makes it a nice place, all in an enchanting and tropical scenery. This island is one of the best kept secrets of Fiji and of the Pacific.


Natua Falls

Kadavu Island

TOP 5 : Kadavu Group

Kadavu Group is an archipelago located in the south of Viti Levu. It is dominated by Kadavu Island, the fourth largest island of Fiji. The group integrates Ono islands, Dravuni to Galoa and a number of islands in the "Great Astrolabe Reef." Including a single small village and few roads, you will escape to modern life by an incredible experience in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Completely intact, the islands are famous for diving in the famous "Great Astrolabe Reef", the 4th largest coral reef in the world containing many tunnels, canyons, caves and a huge variety of marine animals.

As for Galoa Harbour, located in the center of the island, it was once a hunting whaling station and a port for cruise ships to New Zealand and Australia. The interior of the islands is fascinating with many forests ideal for bird watching, numerous of hiking trails, and the sea kayaking tours. Kadavu islands are renowned for the surf near Cape Washington and fishing off the coast of Ono. Wild and preserved from resorts, the welcome given by local habitants is benevolent and warm, just a few lengths from the capital Suva.


TOP 6 : Mamanuca Islands

Mamanuca islands are a group of 20 islands near the coast of Nadi and Port Denaurau. Very popular with tourists, the virgin islands of Mamanuca were quickly transformed into resorts comprising huge hotel complexes. From the largest to the smallest island, there is something for everyone.

Beachcomber Island with its reputation as "party island" is ideal for partygoers.

Bounty island, paradisiacal with its white sand and clear water is the perfect place for a romantic holiday. Malolo Island, meanwhile, is perfect for families wanting to spend a few weeks in one of the many ressorts that propose activities of all kinds. However these hotels spoil the beauty of the island!

All these islands, including Monuriki, Mana, Navini and Vomo reflect a postcard setting. Some filmmakers have used this delightful atmosphere of "lost paradise" to make films like the famous "Survivor" or "Cast Away" with Tom Hanks. They offer an exceptional range of activities from windsurfing, dolphin watching, some of the world's best surf spots, famous dives such as "W" and "Gotham City Big".

Despite the mass tourism and the relatively high prices on some islands of the Mamanuca, this group of islands prides itself of the most idyllic islands of the Pacific. Young and old, friends or family, the Mamanuca are the dreamy destination the most affordable that you can find !

Beachcomber Island

Malolo Island

Shark /  Craig Parry photography

TOP 7 : Lau Islands


 In the Southeast part of Fiji are located the 57 Lau Islands. These little remote paradise are divided into two groups that are the "northern" and "southern" Lau. They say that from the island of Ono-i-Lau, the southernmost of the group, on a clear day you can see the Tonga. The proximity to its neighbor gave him a profound influence on its cultural development. Very little visited by tourists and therefore difficult to access, take the ferry or seaplane from Suva to reach the lost islands in the Pacific Ocean. You will discover a simple lifestyle because here there is no restaurant and only 3 islands hold accommodations to host the lost travelers. If you want to see isolated islands landscapes, not yet affected by globalization, while experiencing the hospitality of the Fijians, so take off to discover these authentic jewels of the Pacific! 



TOP 8  : Sabeto Mountains

A few kilometers north of Nadi, at the beginning of the village of Sabeto is the small mountain range with the same name. Buses depart from Nadi and Lautoka towards the "Garden of Sleeping Giant" and "Sabeto Hot Springs". Before going to the rise of this small steep summit, you need to find a guide to help you to cross the village and to open the way in the rain forests. On this mountain there is the leftovers of a Fijian village perched on height to see and resist to the invaders. Having crossed the fields of lemongrass that leave a delicious citrus scent in the air and a rainforest filled with coffee trees, you will arrive at the ridge where you have a beautiful view overlooking on Nadi and its region! If you look to the South East you will see the Mt Batilamu. A huge rock overlooking the valley and offers views of the most spectacular to everyone who are not afraid to climb! Meanwhile cows, wild goats and horses watched you climb under a sometimes stifling heat. In the evening, when the tourists left the hot springs, Local  play volley ball under the look of the young childs. To all lovers of adventure and unique experiences, Sabeto village and its mountain welcome you to the greatest happiness of the Indiana Jones hidden inside you !

Sobeto Mountains

Sobeto Mountains


TOP 9 :Coral Coast


Coral Coast is a coastline of 80 km located south of Viti Levu between Nadi and Suva, edged by a remarkable reef and bordered by the Queens Road. As a popular tourist destination, the coast offers many activities. Starting with the Natadola Beach, one of the few on the island of Viti Levu, famous for its clear water. Around Sigatoka, which was also the first national park of Fiji, stunning sand dunes reach more than 60 m high. A road along the magnificent coral reef is embellished with incredible landscapes, lush green mountains and blue water lapping the reef where fish crowd, calamari and sea snakes are hiding there, making the happiness and unhappiness of Locals. Arriving at Pacific Harbour, explore the rainforest to reach Navua river, accessible by 4x4, this river is known for kayaking and rafting! For fans of surfing, diving and snorkeling, Offshore Island is for you, this small island surrounded by the majestic Beqa Barrier Reef is a paradise to discover! Whether by tour or on your own, the Coral Coast has something to delight everyone!


TOP 10 : Suva


 Anchored in its bay in the southeast of Viti Levu, Suva is the capital of Fiji. Modern and cosmopolitan, it has everything you expect from a big city as a lively center, shops and markets, restaurants, entertainment, and a wide range of cultural activities. It is the largest city of the South Pacific where are erected in his heart a few colonial buildings, many parks and a botanical garden. Some outdoor activities along the waterfront and an eventful night life in MacArthur Street. Suva and its 168,000 habitants don't have many tourist attractions, you can see the Fijian Parliament or the National Museum. Suva is still remains an important stopping point if you want to escape from Viti Levu. Indeed, the port hosts many ferries in direction to Kadavu, Vanua Levu, Taveuni, Lau islands and Moala. At less than 10 km from Suva to the inland is located Colo-i-Suva forest park, popular for its hiking of Mt Korobaba and for its natural basins buried in this tropical vegetation oasis. The Waisila Falls is a succession of three waterfalls leading to a natural pool where you can swim for an afternoon. Despite a tropical rainy climate , Suva remains an essential step in the visit of Viti Levu.


Bay of Suva

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