Spinola bay in St Julian's

 Malta, Island state in Europe, is an archipelago located in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea. Its authentic character, its ochre colours, sometimes golden, sometimes earth, married blue sea, give it a special beauty, unique. The people are very welcoming and in it glides a spiritual atmosphere filled with multicultural story that the Island like to tell you when you look it. Discouver our top 5 :


  top 5 visits to do in Malta :

View of Valetta from Sliema .

TOP 1  : VALETTA (capital of Malta)

Valetta is the capital of Malta where it is good to wandered between her streets bordered with typical architecture, bringing at the luxury shops of the island, and cafés where it is pleasant to refresh yourself. Very lively the day, Valetta beckons at slumber soon enough in the evening, sometime before the sunset. Then it is time to leaving to visit other part of Malta for the night. You will find her the next day vibrant and welcoming.

TOP 2  : St Julian's  and   Silema

Located close to each other, approximately 10 minutes in bus, St Julian’s and Sliema are two major cities of Malta with a good situation in the seafront, their commercial center and the animation of day and night. St Julian’s welcoming within it the no less famous Paceville, the privileged place for the night people, the clubbers. They are situed in the North-West of Valetta. You could admire the beauty of these cities when you walk in the different bays that the sea surrounds such as St George’s Bay, Spinola Bay, and Belluta Bay, this last one overhung by a majestic cathedral giving at the bay a spiritual dimension.

View of spinola bay in St Julian's

 Marsackklok Port

TOP 3  : Marsackklok

We can not talk about Malta without mentionned this port Marsackklok one of the most tipycal of the island. One open market close to the water, boats in bright tone from the blue , green , yellow and red , many colours flits on the water. The splashing of the waves who caress edges of the open market it mixes with the people conversation. Sometimes one wave tickling the feet such the open market is close to the water. Cats stroll hoping one peace of fresh fish fail on the floor , Its also that Marsaxlokk, And occasionally you can see one fisherman repainting this boat between two stalls. Its not only one port with this market and some restaurant , It's also and especially one atmosphere, one place or vibrate your sensations, your emotions, one haven of peaceful , a human dimension.

TOP 4  : Mdina and Rabat

Malta has two historical cities in this center, Rabat and Mdina. This last one was the capital of the arabian , ( Medina meaning "city" in Arabic ). Its situed in the highest point of the island, like that you have a beatiful view on the north-Estern area.

Like a maze, you walk around some tiny street decorated with flowers at the doors and balconies while soaking up the atmosphere, this history breathes through the walls. The Christian religion is installed for century and confers at this city one spiritual dimension. Noble city has indeed hosted the families of the Maltese nobility, still remains today their footprints. Calm prevails as a call to listen to the stones of the walled city to tell you his story, his life. Colors of the sun turning to honey to the ground in the shadow, accentuateby the decor to its deep mystery and joined by silence. It is in a state of calm and respect the path accompanies you to the wonderful view of part of the island and thus generates in you a call to contemplation..

Mdina street


TOP 5 : Senglea, Vittoriosa (Birgu) And Cospicua

Malta is not without his three peninsula planted in the sea, the looking towards to Valleta. Senglea, Vittoriosa (Birgu) and Cospicua crossed the time and created the history of Malta. They are the first bastion of the Order of Knights of Malta. Their ports are animated by the regulars who spent time to play bingo or other games. By day or by night, the waves whisper their songs like to tell you the story of the island. The religious processions are also organized every year, big moments of festivities for locals people. Tranquility in these peninsulas invites you to listen to the waves and through them to get into the depths of your imagination, for a relaxing break of your mind.


-Spinola Bay in St Julian's                                                                    - Blue Lagoon in Comino
- Azure Window in Gozo                                                                         - Paceville
- Bugibba                                                                                                      - Golden Bay
- Marsaskala                                                                                                - Golden Bay
View of the 3 cities from Valetta                                                         - Final national of Water-polo in Msida ( St Julian's vs Sliema)


Paceville :

Paceville, situed in the heart of San Giljan ( San Julian's ), in the nothern part of the island, just few minutes of the capital Valetta and the residential part of Sliema, is the place to make a party in Malta. It is attractive , cosmopolite and full of forty Pubs, bars and nightclubs. It's the location for the party lovers end up the night of the week and the weekend until the sunshine. You will meet university students, tourists, workers and english school student in brief all the nationalities join there. Paceville is the perfect place for those who love nightlife, dancing, escape, meet for young and old, of all universes, immerse yourself in the intoxication of the Maltese night. this magic place that will leave a footprint of joy, freedom and exaltation. Public transport such as buses and taxis are very reassuring. They are accessible at all hours of the night for taxis and buses until midnight ( 2am the week end ).Night clubs attract lovers of nightlife suddenly offering tickets shooters, vodka Redbull pitchers and glasses of all kinds at great prices, sometime free. If you are hungry, there are many street snacks that offer pizza slices, sandwiches, Pastizzi, etc .... The staff of all these institutions is particularly honest, what makes this city so unique in terms of the freedom to have fun, to forget worries and enjoy the evening and the night. We wish you a moment of euphoria in this key location for the party, Paceville in Malta.


Bonus :


Gozo, second Island of the Maltese archipelago, is a resting place for Maltese who like to stay there on a weekend. It has a lot of secrets and its charm can only captivate you. It is a place of peace, fresh and quiet, where trust between 30,000 inhabitants is transmitted from generation to generation. You can easily leave your car keys in the contact or leave the door wide open to your place of residence. Old cars, carriages and tourist buses run there. Tourists often do stop one day while several days are useful to benefit from all its charms. Planted in the center, the capital Victoria invites you to lose yourself in its streets to the soothing atmosphere. These ports and the famous "Blue Window", it offers one of the finest Maltese sunsets.



Comino :

Comino, the third island of the country, is known for its Blue Lagoon, the most beautiful beach of the archipelago, where only two people staying all year. The hot days, it welcomes many tourists. You can discover while walking beautiful coves and beaches in the back of the island.




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