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Ireland, country of Western Europe, is an Island with a Celtic soul, a joyful heart, and the immaculate landscapes of divine beauty between its green plains, its lakes and its grey ocean, its rocks filled with stories more mystical than each other. The Irish are generous and hospitable, good living. The sports, pubs where the beers and whisky are kings, are also part of Irish life. Land of welcome, land of love, with unique character, an inescapable place of the life.

Discover our top 10 :


Here our top 10 of Ireland :

            Cliff of Moher

TOP 1 : Cliff of Moher

The Cliff of Moher are one of the most beautiful cliffs in Ireland and in Europe! Surprising, vertiginous, spectacular, beautiful, they form 8 km natural wall overlooking the sea up to 215 meters high plunging vertically into the depths of the ocean unleashed. Located southwest of the Burren in county of Clare these huge rocks remains a high place of Irish tourism. A show breathtaking offering beautiful views of the Aran Islands and the Atlantic Ocean.  The place to visite in Ireland.

TOP 2  : Ring of kerry and Dingle Penninsula

Two arms of land projecting into the ocean like two sisters, the mountainous peninsulas of Dingle and Ring of Kerry are typical by their climate change, indeed the four seasons can live in less than an hour. In the Dingle peninsula is a mountain where vegetation is not be favourable, of these, and there, some plants are pointing the nose. A tree would not survive as the west wind is almost constant, it would take with it the roots daring to make their way through the rock. The ocean strikes cliffs and caresses the small bays, beaches and small port protected from winds. His big sister, the ring of Kerry, with the rugged coastline, where there is the highest peak of Ireland making it is a tourist place which we never tired to appreciate the landscapes that it offers.

Inch Beach



TOP 3  : Connemara

It is difficult to do the top without including the Connemara located a few kilometres west of Galway. This mountainous land, inhospitable, with lakes Guiness colors, black peat, sometimes changing to green, the smell of peat, wind hitting your face, Connemara is a reference in Ireland.  The amateurs of hike will be delighted of measured this playground! Don't forget to visit this windy coast with failed boats and this typical port who welcome you in this fascinating area and legendary.

TOP 4  :  Wiclow Mountains

Wiclow Mountain, the mountainous regions in South of Dublin, gather all Ireland attractions without the sea. Mountains and plateaus, valleys and lakes, forests to magnificent waterfalls, archaeological sites and Glendalough, its capital planted between two lakes, cohabit for the delight of our eyes. Time stops for a moment, letting the wind take your hand, embracing your ribs to take you to the contemplation of the landscape, a sense of infinity, the peace, your body weightless, alone in the world, just you and the Creation, the clouds caressing your hair, that is the soul of Wiclow Mountain.

Wiclow mountains

Temple Bar

TOP 5 : Dublin

Dublin, human-sized city, cosmopolitan, young and alive where activities are plentiful! Colorfoul capital in the human scale, tasty blend of history and modernity. You must see, Guinness StorHouse to discover the most famous beer of Ireland, or, Whiskey Museum and the National Museum of Ireland. Discover Temple Bar, the nightlife district of Dublin, famous all over the world for this pubs and its incomparable atmosphere. Take the time to walk on the streets of this joyful city!



Top 6 : The Burren

Real wonder of nature, Burren, situated in the Southwest of Galway,  is one of many geological curiosities of Ireland. The rocky landscape, strangely lunar, desert landscape characterizes  the Burren and fascinates and delights visitors from around the world. The English politician and military Oliver Cromwell said the Burren "This is an area where there is not enough water to drown a man, not enought wood to hang hims, not enough land to bury him ". If you decide to go there, so expect to find only vast stretches of smooth limestone eroded and cracked by time. All this in a silence sometimes broken by the incessant waves, coming and going  from the Atlantic Ocean.


The Burren

Port of Galway

Top 7 : Galway

Young and dynamic city  whit this small charming and colorful streets, Galway hides many treasures. Combining modernism and traditionalism, Galway is a vibrant and welcoming town where you can enjoy your life! A place which mixes locals, tourists and students giving a very popular nightlife! Starting center for many tourist destinations such as Connemara or the Cliffs of Moher, Galway is one of the Irish cities you must see!

Top 8 : Aran Island

 Aran Islands (Oileáin Árann in Gaelic) is a group of three islands located 18 km of the Irish west-coast in front of the Bay of Galway and the cliffs of Moher. The 3 islands (Inishmore, Inishmaan and Inisheer) are surprising due to the Irish culture and language still preserved. The people of the Aran Islands  refused to trade with Ireland and exclusively using products from their islands with the exception of peat till the begining of  the 20th century. Strolling on Inishmore (the largest island with 800 habitants) let yourself be surprised by the wild landscape, kilometers of walls stones, many historical sites, prehistoric forts and Abbey. Inisheer and its 260 habitants, mostly grouped in the center of the island, has a beautiful lighthouse, a nineteenth century fort and a boat carcass washed up on the shores. The last one; Inishmaan, a little calmer than her two sisters because less touristic, still retains many advantages including a fort with a view of whole island and  the Bay of Galway  and one another fort from IV B-C . So if you want to penetrate deep into the Irish culture you know where to go!

O'Brien Castle

Dunluce Castle

Giant Causeway

Top 9 : Giant Causeway and the Northern Coast

The legendary battle between two giants, one Irish, and  the other Scotish, gave a great result! A huge geological formation made up of over 40,000 hexagonal balsats columns,  reaching up to 12 meters high!  Millions of tourists come every year to discover this fascinating phenomenon. On the coast of the county of Antrim strewed with cliffs and small bays accompanied with castles in ruins and with abbeys where you will go back  few centuries ago.  See its exceptional views of Northern Ireland on this  legendary and fabulous place!

Top 10 : Belfast

Belfast, official capital of Northern Ireland, carries in it, the past of a painful history. 30 years of political and religious conflicts have suffered this city and its inhabitants of a terrorist attacks between Protestants (Pro-English) and Catholics (Pro Irish) and killing over 3,000 peoples. But recently Belfast rises from the ashes with its pubs, its Anglo-Irish cultural heritage and historical sites still intact. Explore the Titanic museum, Victoria square where is beating the heart of this city or Falls Road and its sadely famous murals. Belfast and is turbulent past carries a soul that can touch you.



Irish Beer

Full Irish Breakast

Irish Beer

Paddy's Day

Ireland is a culture, a soul famous around the world with their music, their unique sports, the Gaelic language, Guinness, whiskeys and intimate pubs, and lively place. Nothing is better than the atmosphere of one Irish Pub in Dublin or in the bottom of the County of Mayo or DonnegalTemple Bar is a Pub and at the same time a quarter, the place of effervescence of the Irish Capital.  It will take you to its cobblestone streets, washed much by the Irish rain than by overflowing beer the evening. From here you will hear the hubbub of pub-ists or violins, guitar and Irish songs, singing by young and old people. Sometimes it's difficult to order a pint of Harp, Smithwicks, Guinness or another beer is flowing in this human drunkenness loving. The innumerable Irish whiskeys are emptied one by one behind the bartenders and changed many times barrels! Bailleys the famous coffee liqueur will charm more than one of you before to go sleep. Late at night when crowds empty the Temple Bar, a human wave joined the tens of nightclubs around these-one, as Dicey's or Cooper's where young people enjoy up to maximum 4 hours to inflame dancefloors and bar counters. The next day you will find there  some people "tired" and some cups on the floor. Many empty barrels will support Pubs. Early risers will go to satiate the stomac with a Full Irish Breakfest. In the south of Ireland between Limerick and Waterford passing by Cork's Beamish, Murphy's, Clomnel or the Bulmer's cider are kings. The Jamesson have this distillery in Mideltown in East of Cork. It's difficult to talm about Pubs without including Kilkenny or Galway. The first is known for its famous Pale Ale beer , hurling and excellent pubs and restaurants. Galway is for its part student, tourist and festive and therefore has many breweries in the region to cut off the thirst! The irish Pubs are associated to sport where darts and billiards are much followed than soccer and rugby. But the most popular sports are Gaelic Football, mix of football, rugby, basketball, and volleyball and Hurling, designated as fastest ball sport's  in the world! And this sport is played 15 against 15 with a crozier (called a hurley or Camàn) that is played on the same countings points as Gaelic football. Two exciting sports whose national finals are play in September at the Crock Park (84,000 seats) of Dublin in a crazy atmosphere! What would be Ireland without talking about Saint Patrick and this 5 days of highly charged atmosphere, usually from 16 to 20 March, young and old get drunk of musical performances, sporting events and end up by the big parade of Dublin! A magical moment and you can't missed if you're in the area! You can catch up in September with Arthur Guinness Day where always in a convivial atmosphere and friendly, Irish commemorate the man who created the Guinness real national drink! You can catch up in September with Arthur Guinness Day where always in a convivial atmosphere and friendly, Irish commemorate the man who created the Guinness real national drink! So go discover its urban cities, explore the wilderness, visit its museums, its beautiful sea side and harbor fishing, haunted castles, salute its friendly people, frequent pubs and restaurants, and you will see how difficult it is .. difficult to detachedfrom this lovely and unique part of the world.

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