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Corsica, paradisiac island, is a land of history arose in the blue water of the Mediterranean sea, where mountains marry, fine sandy beaches, maquis, clear creeks, a precious jewels of nature . Corsica is also one beatiful culture, gastronomy and singing famous worldwide. She got the best of all the influences of the Mediterranean. Like all islands, Corsica need to be deserved. It will never be a simple region of France. Proud of its origins, that is, it releases a perfume, which we love, adopt at the first foot standing on it.


Here our top 10 :

                      Bonifacio / Genoa Door

Bonifacio from the sea

TOP 1 : Bonifacio 

Place just unusual and almost unreal, magical. Adjectives fail us to describe this fascinating place. On the south point of Corsica, discover Bonifacio early morning or late evening when the majority of tourists are gone.

Divided into two parts, first find the lower town in against bottom of the fortifications of the citadel. Many restaurants and bars are animated throughout the day until very late at night! Take a walk on the docks where yachts in the summer faced the small fishing boats. In the high town if you come through the door of Genoa, a small labyrinth awaits you where succession of little streets and charming squares full of typical restaurants are hiding. On the south side of the old town a breathtaking view of Sardinia, and the dramatic cliffs of limestone and incredible houses facing the sea, 100 meters above the vacuum. At the tip of the upper town is the marine cemetery just as nice as fascinating and if you are still in the evening it is one of the most beautiful sunset of the South Island! Very early Bonifacio was a strategic place. Genoese were in fact one of their main city and commercial port while giving it a strong military use. What gived a prosperous city for centuries despite some seats suffered. But the cliffs have fascinated humans for at least 4,000 years before J-C. Discover also Bonifacio from the sea where cliffs and imposing houses fascinate you, surprise you, it is amazed at what surfloqué wall ramparts. A mysterious and mind boggling place to see!


TOP 2  : Bastia

Gateway to Cap Corse in the North East of Corsica and the capital of Haute Corse. Bastia is stuck against the mountains and the Mediterranean Sea. Its colorful old port, full of charm with all its restaurants and the Church of St. Jean Baptiste which dominates it, is a place that captivates you. The citadel was built in the fifteenth century and is a real neighborhood in itself, called Terra Nova where you enter through the large and beautiful door Louis XVI all dressed in pink. Inside the citadel houses huddle against each other, all piled on top of the old port with drying laundry on the balcony and delicious light caressing the ocher facades. Lose yourself in the narrow streets leading you anywhere you want. Bastia popular city mix of old and picturesque neighborhoods dilapidated and faded facades, where you will find houses of XVII century often former palace whose families were enemies and competitive in old Genoese mansions. Take a look around Place St Nicolas, largest square in Corsica or in a small and lovely squares situed in the heart of the city, take the time to appreciate and admire the rhythm of the Corsican life. Bastia has a soul you can feel by taking the time to browse and to explore.

old port



Calvi from the sea

TOP 3  : Calvi

Capital of Balagne in the northwest of this beautiful island, Calvi and this 12 000 habitants is a destination of choice! In an extraordinary natural environment between sea blue cerulean, and the massif of Monte Cinto (2706m). Calvi is a Genoese citadel of the thirteenth century put on its rock protecting  the port and his island. Once in the fortifications, go take a walk in its maze of streets and visit the beautiful Church of St. Jean Baptiste and offers few great views on the Mediterranean Sea. On the port, many bars and restaurants are facing the small fishing boats and large yachts make their anchorage during the summer season, all in a festive atmosphere. Behind the Esplanade there is few charming street just as lovely, full of shops and restaurants. If you want to see a amazing view of Calvi you need to go to Notre Dame de la Serra with this panoramic lookout. Calvi is also famous for its beautiful beach and its wonderful diving spots. In the back country of Calvi is Balagne. This last one is stuck in the amphitheater behind the Nebbio and Filosorma at the bottom of Monte Cinto (2706m). A beautiful nature and lovely villages await you! Calvi and the Balagne are dream places to discover!

TOP 4  : Corte

Historical and cultural capital of Corsica located in the heart of Corsica and at the foot of some of the highest peaks of the island. Its old charming town with its cobbled streets and its top citadel at the top of one eagle's nest with a breathtaking view of Corte and valleys of Restonica and Tavignano. Young and historic city with as many as 4,000 students every year giving a friendly atmosphere and lively week. Sometimes late at night we hear the voice of Pascal Paoli reasoning between the facades of houses, living legend of the island and have defended with love and fury against the invasion of France. Corte is the access point to 4 beautiful regions of the heart of the island to the identity such as Niolo north, high plateau with the highest peaks of Corsica or the Asco, splendid valley whit this running torrents translucent ideal water for bathing with its picturesque village with the same name. East of Corte you get into the Bozio, earth of Shepherd just as beautiful as her sisters. To the south is Venacais region, high land pastoral regrouping beautiful forests. Number of activities is in the heart of the island between sporting excursions, rafting, canyoning or small family walks, everybody is benefiting and all this 45 minutes from the nearest beach! For gourmets you will be surprised by this shepherd area offering Niolo charcuteries, chestnut-based products of Bozio or Aop honey of Asco, goat and sheep cheeses from Venachese and the famous Brocciu from Corte. Without forgetting the other Corsican soup, trout and wild boar in sauce! Fellow travelers, you have no excuse to miss this city as rich diversities that history!

Ascu River

Citadelle de Corte


Tour Génoise / Sentier des douaniers

TOP 5 : Le Cap Corse

Nearly-island of 40 km long and 15 km wide in the north-east of Corsica pointing his old capital of Genoa. "The Island in the island" as would say the caps corsins peoples has lots of charm. Very wild and windy, with small olive groves and very mountainous with several peaks over than 1000 meters and in addition to this sparsely populated. Cap Corse is a paradise for lovers of gastronomy, hiking and charming villages. On the east coast you can find the small village of Erbalunga with its Genoese small tower that covers a pretty fishing port with few discolored houses Going up north you will see Sisco, a little set back from the coast nestled in the mountainous terrain, and composed of a multitude of hamlets. Not to mention Rogliano that summarizes all the soul and pride of Cap Corse, with its panoramic view of Macinaggio in the past small fishing port who became the largest marina in Cap CorseTollare in the extreme north of the Cape Corse has nothing special except an opening to the sea. On the west façade mountains descend straight into the sea. Sunsets are fabulous and landscape are amazing. Let's start with Centuri and Centuri-port with its lauze roofs and cobblestone streets. A stopover of the most popular around the Cap Corse. And Nonza renowned for its black pebble beach, due to its asbestos mine closed in 1965, and the beauty of the village. Finishing by Patrimonio and Saint Florent, the first is famous for its excellent wines and fine cuisine, and the last one is very touristic town and ultra wealthy and summer. Cap Corse opened of the Mediterranean Sea between land, sea and sky or anywhere else nesting of the Mediterranean and the mountains are more blatant than here.


Top 6 : Porto

Located between Ajaccio and Calvi, the Gulf of Porto and his village is a pure wonder! It is part of one of three sites listed by UNESCO in France and the only one in Corsica. And what about that dreamy landscape in impressive relief between the Calanques of Piana, the Scandola peninsula, part of the Corsican Regional Park and  Gulf of Girolata. It's true that most of the Gulf of Porto can only be visited by boat, that will let you discover these red cliffs, falling into the turquoise waters and small rocky islets, as fabulous as cabalistic, impressive marine life when entering the mysterious caves and secret coves that only some boats arrive to join. The village of Porto for its part is charming, hidden behind its beach with its tower of Orto, ancient Genoese tower valiantly advancing above the golf on his rocky promontory. Several trails allow you to discover the coves and golf by land, crossing a superb scrub or you might see, Goeland, cormorant and other eagles sea. Porto and its gulf is a unique place of its kind for a natural beauty full of mystery, almost a lost world.

Golf de Porto


Top 7 : Sartène

Overlooking the gulf of Valinco in the southwest of the island and offering an exceptional panorama, Sartène is different from other cities. "The most Corsican of the Corsican cities" said  Prosper Merimée worth a look! This city of art and history, with this tall and proud houses looking toward the horizon and the blue of the Mediterranean Sea. Sartène is an urban heritage, religious and natural of great diversity and great wealth. Between the old town, a true open air museum with its labyrinthine narrow cobblestone streets, old arches and tall houses often slightly decrepit, the Santa Maria Assunta church or the municipality which was the ancient palace of Genoese Governors without forgetting the place well shaded of the Liberation, true beating heart of Sartène! Visit the adjacent streets such as Borgo street out of the old town with this small stairs coming from nowhere, losing themselves in the town. Largest town in Corsica with no less than 200 square km, Sartène has style, an atmosphere, an ambiance of authenticity away from mass tourism that will seduce more than one of you!

Top 8 : Ajaccio

Ajaccio, a real journey in time, town of 80 000 people on the East Coast of Corsica, where Napoleon Bonaparte is born. At the edge of a beautiful bay color Azur and sunny valley where olive plantations and vines grow quietly while listening to the song of cicadas. The current capital of Corsica was founded in 1492 by the Genoese. They have built this magnificent and imposing citadel almost unchanged since its inception. Ajaccio was also the first French town to be liberated during World War II. Discover the imperial cited on a walk along its busy pleasure port, terraces cradled on his sun, and its lively and restless places in the summertime, _ and peaceful and relaxing in wintertime. After having walked alleys that Napoleon walked when he was a child, go relax on the beautiful beaches or discover the Sanguinaires islands and its fabulous sunset! Then go strolling in the beautiful city of emperors in its radiant sun and pace of Mediterranean lifestyle. 

Beach of Ajaccio

Old City 

Golf de Porto Vecchio

Top 9 : Porto-Vecchio

Built on huge rocks by the Genoese in 1535 in the Gulf of the same name and situated on the southeastern coast of the island. Porto Vecchio is remarkable with its old town protected by its 5 bastions and embellished with traditional places and alleys with the Corsican character and the Italian architecture. Down of the citadel, is the small harbor ultra busy marina in the summer with his lineage of restaurants, glaciers and souvenir shops. Important tourist center of the island with its vibrant nightlife, and a riche cultural and sports scene Porto Vecchio is proud to have also near some of the most beautiful beaches of Corsica such as Rondinara and Palombagia beach. These last one are magnificent and saturated in summer with its sandy bays and turquoise water background a major places of relaxation in the region to spend an afternoon under the Mediterranean sun. Porto-Vecchio is made for travelers looking for relaxation and conviviality in beautiful scenery and with an ever-present sun.

Top 10 : Alta-Rocca

Alta Rocca is located in the back area of Sartène until the East Coast and Ospedale. Discover the Bavella Needles  (1.899 m), which are real natural forces in their most impressive forms, between jagged peaks, rock erosion and lodgepole pines by the force of the winds. Alta Rocca is also few charming villages such as incredible Zonza, Aulène or Sainte Lucie de Tallano real palace for food lovers and travelers looking for the Corsican terroir. With its landscapes of forests between valleys and mountains hide some hot springs, Alta Rocca is a land of wild boar, chestnuts and cows wandering on the mountain roads. Lovers of hiking, culinary art and beautiful lookouts, Alta Rocca is for you!

Aiguille de Bavella

Sainte Lucie de Tallano

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